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Dallas Verhagen (JD '16) and David Bennett (JD '16) establish law firm in Santa Monica

April 11, 2017 | By Alexa Brown — Pepperdine Law alumni Dallas Verhagen (JD '16) and David Bennett (JD '16) have established their own firm located in Santa Monica, California.  According to the firm's  website, "Verhagen Bennett LLP is a business and intellectual property law firm founded by attorneys with experience working with owners and management teams across a wide range of industries."

David Bennett is a graduate of the class of 2016 and is now a partner at Verhagen Bennett LLP. As a patent attorney registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Bennett focuses primarily on intellectual property matters at the firm. Bennett's scientific background, as well as being raised in a musical family, left him with a desire to help creatives, entrepreneurs, and startups protect and monetize their ideas and creations.

"We really credit the people we met through the Palmer Entrepreneurship Program for this little adventure we are on," said Bennett. "The best experience I received in law school happened because of an internship with a startup I got through the Palmer Center. I probably wouldn't have had the courage to start a firm, otherwise. We also met some really great alumni mentors who have helped us implement our systems and leverage modern legal technology. We are really grateful to be a part of the Pepperdine community, and we are excited to pay it forward."

Dallas Verhagen graduated from Pepperdine Law in 2016 and co-founded Verhagen Bennett LLP soon after. As an entrepreneur himself, Verhagen has dedicated his practice exclusively to startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, and the infectious energy and passion that comes with it. Verhagen develops uncomplicated legal solutions in the areas of organization, governance, employment, investment and third-party contracting with one goal in mind: freeing up entrepreneurs so they can focus on building and expanding their businesses.

"David and I both talked about taking a non-traditional path after law school, but it really wasn't until we were neck-deep in the Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship's program that we felt we had the support, training, and network of supportive mentors to make this dream a reality. From the faculty and staff to my network of fellow Pepperdine alum, I could not have asked for a better law school experience. I am looking forward to showing my gratitude to Pepperdine and offering all I can to the school and its students for years to come."