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3Ls Brady Cox and David Khanjyan selected for NYU Tax Law Review

May 12, 2016 -- 3L Pepperdine Law students Brady Cox and David Khanjyan, who will be pursuing LLMs in Tax at New York University School of Law next year, have both been selected to be on the NYU Tax Law Review, a highly regarded journal for tax law. A hundred students apply for 6-7 positions at the journal each year.

Update: Paul Caron via TaxProf Blog:


Congratulations to Pepperdine 3Ls Brady Cox and David Khanjyan, who will be attending the #1 ranked NYU Graduate Tax Program in 2016-17.  They received two of the eight 50% merit scholarships available from NYU and will be serving as Graduate Editors of theTax Law Review.  I was fortunate to have both Brady and David in my tax classes, and I can personally attest to their bright tax futures.  I am proud to be part of the tax faculty at Pepperdine that offers a robust tax curriculum to prepare our students for exciting tax careers.

View on TaxProf Blog.

About the NYU Tax Law Review:

The Tax Law Review (TLR), the premier law school journal for tax policy scholarship, is one of the few faculty-edited journals in the legal academy. Under the current leadership of Professor Deborah Schenk, Editor-in-Chief, the TLR publishes articles and essays by leading legal academics and practitioners as well as noted economists. The journal annually awards merit scholarships to six or seven students who serve as graduate editors, assisting the faculty editorial board.

Read more at the NYU Tax Law Review website.