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Back in Kampala

by Jay Milbrandt

It's good to be back in Kampala.  Though my last visit was relatively short, being back in Kampala does bring a rush of some good memories.  I'm sitting in Cafe Pap right now, a regular hangout and good place for Internet.  It gives me flash backs to running around Kampala with Kevin Assemi and Kyle (Cox) Bagley--this is where we would break and regroup between meetings.  I rode a "boda boda" over here--a motorcycle taxi and the common method of quick transportation through Kampala's busy city streets.

Last night after arriving in Kampala, I made my way to "Hotel City Square"--a simple, inexpensive hotel hotel where some of our team members are staying.  After that, I met up with my friend, Patrick, who I met on our last trip here.  Patrick was a student at Makerere University and served as President of the IJM Chapter there.  We've kept in touch sporadically over the last year-and-a-half, so it was good to see him and grab dinner with someone.

This morning I got up and walked around looking for a church.  I found "Calvary Chapel" just around the corner and walked in for the 8:15 a.m. service.  This brings me back to Cafe Pap where I came looking for an early lunch and internet.

This afternoon, I'm hoping to catch up with another friend I met last time.  He started a social entrepreneurship project manufacturing beaded necklaces by the Acholi people.  If we catch up this afternoon, I will be great to see his operation.

More to come later!