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2017 Global Justice Spring Break Trip to India: applications open

October 14, 2016 -- We are very excited to release the details and application for this year's Global Justice Spring Break trip. We will be traveling to Delhi, India departing on Thursday, March 9th and returning to LA on Monday, March 20th. The activities of this year's trip are continuing to be formulated, however, some of the potential events are as follows:

Two-day National Plea Bargaining Summit at National Law University, Delhi
Visiting the Delhi High Court and Trial Court
Visiting Counsel to Secure Justice
Watching a presentation from the National Human Rights Commission
Visiting the Taj Mahal
Enjoying India's countryside

The purpose of the Spring Break trip is to provide an opportunity for our students to use their law degree with a human rights lens. You will engage in the first National Plea Bargaining Summit by participating in the role play of cases, you will learn from various presentations by top leaders of the country, and you will have the opportunity to engage the culture while visiting historical sights.

Our methodology is similar to that as described in the books, When Helping Hurts, Toxic Charity, and Walking with the Poor. We serve the needs of developing countries where invitations have graciously been extended. Our purpose is to help nations' top leaders implement structural changes to their judicial process in order to secure greater access to justice for citizens. We hope that for those of you passionate about a career in International Human Rights, or something under the umbrella of Global Justice, will join this trip and gain invaluable resources and tools from the experience to carry forward in your legal career.

To apply for this internship, please apply this code: zb42rn to Google Classroom to start the process. If you have any challenges with the application, you can email jenna.dewalt@pepperdine.edu. The application closes on November 9th at 7pm.


The total subsidized cost of the trip is $1,800, which includes flights, transportation, hotels, meals, and other group excursions. Please note that any vaccinations or medications you might need are not included in this cost, as well as personal shopping or gift shopping. We are happy to provide you with a letter to give to friends and family to help fundraise; please just let us know. Payments will be due four weeks in advance of the trip, Thursday, February 9th.

Thursday, March 9th - Monday, March 20th

The program has 6-8 positions available.

Passionate about Global Justice
2L or 3L student
Available during dates mentioned

The application process will close on November 9, 2016 at 7PM. As soon as the applications are closed, interviews will take place. Final decisions and notifications will be made by December 1, 2016.

Every year, we have had a different professor assist in leading the trip. Past professors who embarked to India included: Hillary Reed, Chris Goodman, and Jeff Baker. This year, the trip will be managed by Jenna DeWalt and led by Professor Jim Gash.

Expect to have all of your expectations blown away during this trip. The people you will meet and the opportunities you will have will be life changing. This is not just a fun Spring Break alternative. This is designed to rock your world and to give you leverage as you begin planning your career. It gives us the opportunity to fulfill our mission here at Pepperdine: to strengthen your life for purpose, service, and leadership. Practically speaking, traveling halfway around the world and back in the course of ten days is exhausting. Being in a new culture and meeting new people might be uncomfortable. But the opportunities we have to engage with this country and assist in building a stronger system of justice is well worth the exhaustion and discomfort. You won't regret joining us on this adventure!