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Attorneys: What to Expect

The Prison Project





We currently take two trips a year, one in March and one in June. March is 10 days roundtrip. June is between 10-14 days round trip. After the weeklong June prison project we host one, sometimes two conferences, extending the trip from its 10 day average to 2 weeks for those who are willing and able to contribute to the content of the conferences.

  • Cost: $4500-$5500 Paid to Pepperdine
  • Includes: Flights, Hotels, Meals, Transportation, Safari
  • Does Not Include: Medications, Vaccinations, Visa

If you have connected with our team and you are officially on one of our upcoming trips, here's what to expect:

  • Liaise with the SGJI team regarding the trip payment and flight information. Generally everyone flies to and from their home base via Delta/KLM. Our flights meet up in Amsterdam on the way to Uganda, and split in Amsterdam on the way home, so we are all landing in Uganda together and departing together.
  • Team meetings via Zoom prior to departure covering personal preparations for the trip (vaccinations, medications, packing, attire, other), training on the plea bargaining system that Uganda has implemented, the process of plea bargaining in the prisons, current challenges within the system that we need to specifically address on this trip, cultural differences to be aware of...etc.
  • Spend time going through the recommended readings
  • Additional trainings on the ground in Uganda with the Pepperdine and Ugandan law students

All of these details are subject to change due to the nature of working internationally. We have provided you the best information we have and will communicate changes as they arise should you be interested and available to join one of our trips.

If you have any questions about the trips, we would be happy to connect! You can reach us at global.justice@pepperdine.edu or visit Our Story page to find one of our team members and contact them directly.