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Washington DC Semester Week: Spotlight on Alia Delpassand (JD/MDR ‘17)

Alia Delpassand (JD/MDR '17)
Externship: Securities Exchange Commission
Current Job: Associate, Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP
Location: Sherman Oaks, CA

The Pepperdine Washington, DC Program provided me the most impactful and practical experience during my law school career. Taking law classes in the nation's capital, where legal practice is largely defined by its relationship to government work, exposed me to the critical role of administrative law—no matter where you practice geographically—and added more meaning to my law school curriculum. Additionally, I had the opportunity to intern full-time at the Securities and Exchange Commission, in the Division of Enforcement, where I was exposed to complex and high-profile securities cases. Within the first few weeks of my internship, I performed diligence, analyzed investigative documents, observed a closed Commission enforcement meeting, and performed research for a successful opposition to a Motion to Dismiss for an insider-trading liability case.

My experience at the SEC in Washington paved my path as a corporate attorney in Los Angeles. I now assist start-ups and venture capitalists with various equity financings (which are heavily regulated by securities laws administered by the SEC). If you are in search of a more purposeful law school experience, I encourage you to participate and take advantage of the Pepperdine Washington, DC Program.


Washington, D.C., Externship Semester Week!

This week we are highlighting five alumni, one each day, who have used DC as the launching point for great careers. If you like what you hear and want the chance for a similar experience, reach out to Professor Hunt (nancy.hunt@pepperdine.edu) for more information. The DC Semester will run this spring. We are currently planning for on-the-ground classes, and will be monitoring health and safety guidelines to inform our final decision.