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W. Steven Shayer (JD '85) judicial candidate in Kern County election

May 25, 2016 -- Pepperdine Law alumnus W. Steven Shayer (JD '85) is a judicial candidate for seat 20 in Bakersfield, California, to replace retiring Judge Michael Lewis. Kern County voters will decide the contested judge races in June.

Via Bakersfield.com:

W. Steven Shayer, 56, of Bakersfield. Graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law. Lebeau-Thelen LLP 1989-2014; Superior Court commissioner, 2014-present. No public record of discipline:

Shayer is unique among the other judicial candidates in that he's the only one with a substantial background in civil litigation. His 29 years of experience includes civil litigation and trial experience, business, real estate, employment, tort and contract law.

Kern County Superior Court appointed Shayer to serve on its Judicial Arbitration Panel in 1994. In 2009, he completed training and was appointed by the court as a judge pro tem.

And two years ago, county judges appointed Shayer a court commissioner. A commissioner can do most, but not all, of what a judge can do.

He worked family law last year, and is currently in the criminal misdemeanor department, handling probation violations and arraignments. He said more than 23,000 cases will come through the courtroom this fiscal year.

With the work he's put in, Shayer said he's ready to become judge. He said he has a judicial demeanor, and the intelligence and patience necessary to handle a heavy caseload.

"I think I have a conservative judicial philosophy that represents local values," Shayer said.

The complete article may be found at Bakersfield.com

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