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Role of Law in Real Estate Investment | Open for Enrollment

The Pepperdine Caruso Law Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship and the Law recently added a new online real estate law class to its curriculum, The Role of Law in Real Estate Investment, which is open for enrollment with no application or interview required.  Students are encouraged to enroll if interested. The course offers the opportunity for national publication!

Role of Law in Real Estate Investment [1613] - Online

Missy Griffin: Caruso School of Law JD; Adjunct Professor; Gibbs Gidden

Barry Kaye: Cardozo School of Law JD; Adjunct Professor

The goal of this two (2) unit course is to research the role of law in real estate investments and collectively create publishable work that will be of value to institutional and large-scale real estate investors. You will be part of a small group of students working collaboratively with two professors to conduct original research and writing in the field of real estate law. Specifically, you will be researching and quantifying criteria that sophisticated real estate professionals throughout the country will find useful in making large-scale investment decisions. The research will then be analyzed and published via an annual multistate real estate survey. This course may be of particular interest to students who are interested in investing in real estate post-graduation or intend to practice real estate or business law. If published, students will receive by-line recognition for their research and writing. This is an excellent platform upon which to build relationships with industry leaders and direct the launch of an influential annual research project with a national reach.

For more information on this opportunity please see Palmer Center Adds Real Estate Research Class