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Rachel Morrison (JD '15) Named Hillsdale James Madison Fellow 2022-2023

Pepperdine Caruso Law alumna Rachel N. Morrison (JD '15) has been named a Hillsdale James Madison Fellow for the Class of 2022-2023. The Madison Fellowship is a ten-month long educational program for serious professionals who want a deeper understanding of the current political climate.

Morrison said, "I’m honored to join other accomplished D.C. professionals in Hillsdale’s James Madison Fellowship to discuss the important issues facing our country and debate the best ways forward.”

From Hillsdale College James Madison Fellowship Class of 2022-2023:

Rachel Morrison is an attorney and Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where she works on EPPC’s HHS Accountability Project. Her legal and policy work focuses on religious liberty, health care rights of conscience, the right to life, nondiscrimination, and civil rights.

Before joining EPPC, Rachel served as an Attorney Advisor to the general counsel at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Litigation Counsel for Americans United for Life, and a Constitutional Law Fellow at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. She also clerked on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

Additional information may be found at Madison Fellows 2022-2023