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Rachel Dickey (JD '09) heads marketing campaign at Weber Rose

January 24, 2017 | By Kylie Larkin -- Pepperdine alumna Rachel Dickey (JD '09), an employment law associate at Weber Rose in Louisville, has been appointed the firm's first marketing director. Dickey's marketing efforts are featured in an Insider Louisville article titled "Louisville law firm diversifies, rebrands and adds young talent." Weber Rose recently hired a younger generation of lawyers, launched a new branding and marketing campaign and added areas of expertise in response to changes in the legal profession.

Via Insider Louisville:


Dickey said the firm can now help entrepreneurs as they're starting their businesses, but also can support them as their companies grow — and guide them through bankruptcy or business succession plans.

The approach has allowed the firm to land more clients — and to handle a greater variety of legal needs for each client, she said.

Dickey handles employment law, which involves helping businesses comply with employment law, the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. She also represents employers when they get sued by a current or former employee, whether in cases of termination or injuries sustained on the job.

Weber Rose now can handle the "full life cycle of the business," she said. "No matter where the business is … they can come to us," she said.

And, she said, Weber Rose can do work for $150 to $375 per hour, whereas larger firms routinely charge $500 per hour for the same services.

Dickey said the firm changed its logo and website in part to convey that its lawyers are accessible, to land clients who do not think they can afford an attorney — or would rather not deal with one.

The reality is, she said, attorneys can be good advocates for businesses when they're growing — not just when they get sued.