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Pepperdine Caruso Law Annual Supreme Court Trip Returns in Person

After several years away from the Supreme Court due to the pandemic, on October 12, 2022, a group of Pepperdine Caruso Law alumni were sworn into the United States Supreme Court by Professor Nancy Hunt (JD ‘01), director of the Washington, D.C., program.  The group included: Ryan Anderson (JD ‘17), Jenna Anderson, Sadiq Ansari (JD ‘07), Janette Blair (JD ‘15), Linda Blonsley (JD ‘79), Brittany Hughes (JD ‘17), Joe McManus (JD ‘16), Meghan Milloy (JD ‘12), Dirk Sampselle (JD ‘12), Joshua Snead (JD ‘09), and Matt Vandermyde (JD ‘07).

Professor Hunt said, “It was a tremendous honor to move the admissions of this group of distinguished alumni.  I vividly recall the day I was admitted to the Court, and am grateful for the opportunity to share in this important moment for these alumni.  It was a particular honor to move the admission of my former student, Brittany Hughes, and other pillars in the Washington alumni community.  Josh, Megan, and Brittany have served as mentors for our students and as guest speakers to both our JD and online programs students, modeling the best of how alumni serve our Law School.”  

Dean Paul Caron said, “Although I am disappointed that I could not attend due to commitments on campus, I am delighted that Professor Hunt could serve as this year’s movant.  She is a tremendous asset to our law school and is responsible for the great success of our robust Washington D.C. program.  I look forward to visiting the program in 2023.”

The Pepperdine Caruso Law D.C. alumni group gathered the night before for an all-alumni fall reception.  After the annual swearing in ceremony, those admitted to the Supreme Court Bar joined Professor Hunt for a luncheon celebrating their admission.

Pepperdine Caruso Law takes a group of up to twelve alumni to be admitted to the United States Supreme Court each October.  If you are interested in joining the group, you must be in good standing with the state(s) where you are admitted and in practice for five years.  Please email alumni director Jessie Fahy at jessie.fahy@pepperdine.edu to inquire about joining the trip.