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New deans: Al Sturgeon, Steven Schultz, Selina Brandt assume new roles in Pepperdine Law administration

May 6, 2016 -- Dean Tacha recently announced that Al Sturgeon, Steven Schultz, Selina Brandt have assumed new roles in Pepperdine Law administration, effective immediately:

Dean of Graduate Programs

Dean Al Sturgeon has served so effectively as Dean of Students for 4 years. He has been a resource, confidante, trusted adviser, and wise counselor for our students. He has worked with students individually and in organizations to strengthen the law school experience and to enhance our effectiveness in meeting student needs. He has now agreed to bring his remarkable organizational skills to helping us build the new non-JD graduate programs. He will work with the leadership of Straus to design, market, and deliver the important new initiatives that have been approved and are in the deliberation phase. He will bring important leadership to these emerging programs that will strengthen the overall work of the law school. Al will remain in charge of the diversity and spiritual life programs that he has developed and led so ably.

Dean of Students

Professor Steve Schultz has agreed to move into the role of Dean of Students. Steve is a student favorite and known for his inspired work with students—as a mentor, teacher, friend, and counselor. He will bring to this position his boundless enthusiasm and dedication to students. This is perhaps one of the most important positions in the law school. He will be the general point of contact for all students, providing counseling, communications, and support for students in every facet of the law school experience. He will also assume the other important duties of the Dean of Students such as discipline, graduation, student organizations, and a host of other student-related responsibilities. Steve will also continue his excellent work assisting with admissions, scholarships, and related programs. Additionally, Steve will be teaching Employment Law in the fall and California Civil Procedure in the spring.

Associate Dean for Academic Success and Employer Relations

Responding directly to the need for much more intentional work with academic success and employment outcomes, Professor Selina Brandt has agreed to become the Associate Dean for Academic Success and Employer Relations. Selina is truly gifted in both of these areas and will work with CDO to build a faculty team for increased, strategic relationships with employers. She will also be working to develop individualized strategies for student employment with the goal of increased percentage of student employment. She will also have responsibility for implementing programs for both bar examination preparedness and academic success. She will provide bar exam information to students and teach in and coordinate the 3L Bar Exam Workshop course. Selina will be the point of contact for all questions related to admissions to the bar (e.g. moral character application, etc.). She also will teach the 1L Academic Success Program (ASP) and coordinate the faculty teaching sections of the upper-division academic success courses. Finally, Selina will continue to teach courses including Advanced Legal Writing and other upper-division courses.