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Nate Knapper (JD ‘11) Featured on Detroit’s NBC Affiliate for Anti Human Trafficking Work

Pepperdine Caruso Law alumnus Nate Knapper's (JD '11) anti human trafficking nonprofit, the Joseph Project, was recently featured on Detroit's NBC affiliate, which may be found here. The feature centered around Joseph Project client Hannah's redemptive story, as told here on YouTube. As society grapples with the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Joseph Project continues to serve the legal needs of human trafficking survivors.

Despite limited court schedules and shifting legal protocols, Legal First Responder attorneys are representing exploited persons on a pro bono basis: arrest warrants are being recalled, charges are being dismissed, and fines are being waived. Consequently, despite recent shelter-in-place orders, survivors are experiencing new levels of freedom that were previously inaccessible to them.

In addition to legal assistance, the Joseph Project is delivering basic necessities to trafficked individuals who are struggling economically due to the current crisis. For example, the Joseph Project recently arranged for the delivery of groceries to a survivor in particular need - a single mother who was laid off from her waitressing position due to the closure of her restaurant.

Finally, the Joseph Project's public education efforts continue, though their activities have pivoted to online forums. Earlier this year, Nate made presentations at two national-level conferences: the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's 2020 Online Global Summit, which may be found here,  and Shared Hope International's JuST LIVE! Webinar Series, which may be found here. Through these and other public education efforts, more than 20,000 people were introduced to the organization in 2020.

Nate said, "Legal needs don't disappear with the onset of a pandemic. The Joseph Project is committed to leveraging every resource - including the technological capabilities upon which we're heavily relying right now - to address these needs and confront the vulnerabilities that create them."

Nate continued, "Victimization occurs where vulnerability exists. When you support organizations that address addiction, hunger, homelessness, and legal disparity, you help eliminate the exigencies that lead to exploitation. As the current public health emergency continues, I encourage this kind of selfless generosity among those who are positioned to give. Unifying in support of our needy neighbors is a powerful way to strengthen the bonds of community that join us together."

Through Nate, the Joseph Project also recently introduced the strategic vision, Close the Gap, which may be found here. Nate welcomes the support and involvement of Pepperdine Caruso Law alumni in his life-changing work. He can be reached at: nate@josephproject.com