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Nancy Hunt: Lawyering in the Nation's Capital

December 11, 2017 | Professor Nancy Hunt has literally written the book on Lawyering in the Nation's Capital (West 2017):

Lawyering in the Nation's Capital examines legislative process, congressional oversight, administrative law, executive power, statutory interpretation, judicial review of agency action, and the work and impact of Washington, D.C., attorneys working in government, lobbying, law firms, and nonprofits. In undertaking this survey, this text analyzes the sources of authority for those attorney functions and discusses the power struggle between the branches and, at times, between the offices within a single branch. This text further uncovers some of the more complex issues about how our federal government operates and asks thought-provoking questions about the outer limits of the power of each of the branches. It is ideal for companion courses for Washington, D.C., legal externship programs or for survey courses regarding government lawyers. The text is likewise a powerful reference book that clearly and succinctly explains complicated procedures, legal issues, and conflicts arising in and among the branches of government and within the private sector.

Nancy Hunt, a 2001 graduate of Pepperdine Law, is the director of our unique Washington, D.C. externship program located at Pepperdine's property just four blocks from The White House. Professor Hunt has directed the Washington Externship Semester since its inception in 2011 and developed each of the courses taught in the Washington Semester. She teaches Advanced Legal Writing, Lawyering in the Nation's Capital, and the Washington, DC, Clinical Law Workshop.

Hunt explains, "Lawyering in the Nation's Capital instructs students about the work of the Washington lawyer, across the three branches of the federal government, in nonprofits, and in law and lobbying firms.  My hope is the text will enable students to understand the unique, interconnected nature of the work of Washington lawyers and lobbyists across the public and private sectors."

The Washington, D.C. externship semester offers students the practical experience of working full-time in a legal capacity for the government, non-profits, or other related entities, while completing coursework, networking for post-graduate employment, and experiencing the legal and cultural environment of our nation's vibrant and exciting capital.