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Anthony Depatie (JD '17) Launches Financial Recap "The Saturday"

Pepperdine Caruso Law alumnus Anthony DePatie (JD '17), Associate General Counsel at Peer Street, recently launched a light, engaging recap of financial market news stories with a bit of law sprinkled in. It is published early Saturday mornings, so that subscribers can enjoy it with a cup of coffee. The first edition was retweeted by two finance thought leaders with tens of thousands of followers and The Saturday took off from there.

Anthony said, "I began writing emails to family, friends, and colleagues, discussing interesting news in financial markets, corporate law, and compliance. The inspiration came from a Bloomberg columnist named Matt Levine, who is a former Big Law attorney and Goldman Sachs investment banker. I have many friends who read Levine's Money Stuff column, so when he went on paternity leave, I decided to try and fill the gap.

The initial email distribution list had a dozen recipients, but after receiving great feedback and a number of requests to include others on the list, I decided to make it a permanent column and distribute it through a more efficient and professional platform (Substack). It's been a lot of fun to do the research, write the columns, and engage with the readers. I have both Pepperdine classmates and professors who signed up, which was the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae. I'm excited to keep iterating and building on it."

Subscriptions are free; readers can sign-up at thesaturday.substack.com and the column will be automatically delivered to their email address.

Anthony has served as a preceptor since graduation. He was part of the Palmer Center, the Student Bar Association Executive Committee, and the Transactional and In-House Student Association during his time at Pepperdine Caruso Law.