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True peace is not merely the absence of tension; 

It is the presence of justice.

Martin Luther King, Jr.



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A Welcome Message from our Managing Director

Professor Sukhsimranjit Singh

Prof Singh

The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law has been at the forefront of understanding complex and long-standing conflicts around the world. In our over thirty years of leadership in the ADR field, we know that addressing racial inequities and societal hierarchies requires great resolve, passion, and an openness to dialogue with those with whom we differ, in opinions and circumstances.

Beyond the Dialogue aims to create spaces for vibrant discussion and promote ADR practices that advance social change on a global scale. We look forward to engaging you in our vision and working together on our shared challenges.


Meet Our Network of Justice Seekers and Peace Makers

We invite you to learn more about the Straus Institute's rich history, resources, and current collaborations that inspire conversation around issues of conflict in our society.  Our global network of distinguished faculty, alumni, and students are passionate about ADR and its potential to help us rebuild a world that is more fair and just. 

Judge Danny

Shadeequa Smith


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Prof Singh

Sofia Ramayyar

Prof Stipanowich

Transforming the Culture of Conflict

Straus Institute Awarded $450,000 Grant by JAMS Foundation

The JAMS Foundation's generous grant will support the Straus Institute's planned two-year training and engagement program to address the relationship between the Los Angeles community and law enforcement. The program will use dispute resolution techniques to advance understanding and collaboration between the two constituencies, with the goal of restoring relationships and inspiring unity across the city. The program aims to transform the culture of conflict in Los Angeles by honoring the distinct experiences of community members and law enforcement officers, and rebuilding trust through training and shared-experience interventions.


Learn More About Our Efforts

We invite you to browse our catalog of webinars, lectures, publications and reading recommendations that address issues of bias and systemic inequities.

Our distinguished faculty are thought leaders in the ADR field and continually consider the role of dispute resolution in promoting peace and reconciliation. 


Learn about Straus' longstanding history of promoting peace and advancing access to justice through ADR.

Love our Community

We serve our community by partnering on timely legal and policy issues that advance conflict resolution.

A Conversation with Expert Mediator Jeffrey Krivis

Professor Sukhsimranjit Singh led a conversation with expert mediator Jeff Krivis in early summer 2021. Mr. Krivis discussed his inspiring career, the role of the Straus Institute in his mediation journey, and his best practices for complex, high-stakes, and emotionally sensitive mediations. The interview may be found here

ADR at the Roots: Exploring Diversity and Equity in the Field

On April 23, 2021, the Straus Institute hosted ADR at the Roots: Exploring Diversity and Equity in the Field, a virtual symposium that brought together distinguished scholars, thinkers, and practitioners to consider the role of dispute resolution in advancing fairness and justice in our field. The plenary discussions focused on the potential for ADR to empower marginalized communities, as well as its limitations of accessibility and process that may impede equitable outcomes.

The Importance of Dispute Resolution in Polarized Times

The Straus Institute has served as a pacesetter in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, both in terms of academic scholarship and in training and strategies for professionals. Last summer we convened the leading scholars from the ADR field from law schools across the United States, as well as from foreign institutions. The energy and discussions from the Appreciating our Legacy and Engaging the Future conference highlight the central role ADR can play in promoting justice in turbulent times.