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2018 Media Coverage

  • Dean Paul Caron Quoted in "Law Schools Find a Way to Fill Seats" — Wall Street Journal
  • Professor Derek Muller Quoted in "Tulsi Gabbard's Birthplace May Create Political Fodder" — Honolulu Star
  • Professor Derek Muller Quoted in "Lawyers Shell Out Record $160M for Midterms" — Bloomberg Law
  • Professor Barry McDonald Quoted in "California-Based Appeals Court Has Been a Thorn in Trump's Side" — U.S. News
  • Professor Maureen Weston Interviewed on Women in Sports Law — Ms. JD Blog
  • Professor Barry McDonald Interviewed on "Sandra Day O'Connor announces possible Alzheimer diagnosis" — KPCC Radio
  • Professor Barry McDonald Interviewed on "Should the Supreme Court Matter So Much?" — KGO Radio
  • Professor Barry McDonald Interviewed on Brett Kavanaugh's Judicial Philosophy — KPCC Radio
  • Professor Barry McDonald Quoted on Supreme Court Term Docket – Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • Professor Barry McDonald Interviewed on Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings – CBC News Network
  • Dean Paul Caron Named to Top 100 Most Influential People in Tax and Accounting for 2018 — Accounting Today
  • Professor Barry McDonald Interviewed on 3D Printable Guns — Bloomberg Law Radio
  • Professor Douglas Kmiec Interviewed on Catholic Call for Change — PBS NewsHour
  • Professor Rick Cupp on Seeking Justice for Justice the Horse — The Washington Post and NPR
  • Barry McDonald Article on Government Regulation of 3D Printed Guns — The Washington Post
  • Derek Muller Quoted in "ABA Can't Consolidate Law School Accreditation Suits" — Bloomberg Law
  • Colleen Graffy Speaks on BBC World Service Radio Broadcast
  • Derek Muller, "Symposium: No closer to consensus" — Supreme Court of the United States Blog
  • Jeff Baker Interview, "The Disaster is Gone – so Are My Volunteers!" — Legal Talk Network
  • Douglas Kmiec Article, "The Contract Clause: A Return to the Original Understanding," Cited by Justice Gorsuch
  • Barry McDonald, "What the Supreme Court could teach the NFL" — Boston Globe
  • Doug Kmiec, "Trump Can't Be Indicted. Can He Be Subpoenaed?" — New York Times
  • Derek Muller Quoted in "SCOTUS Ends One Partisan Gerrymandering Battle" — Bloomberg Law
  • Derek Muller Quoted in "ABA Hit With Another Suit on Law School Standards" – Bloomberg Law
  • Doug Kmiec Quoted on Governor George Deukmejian — Los Angeles Times
  • Shelley Saxer Quoted in "Edison, PG&E Seek Mercy From Courts Over Doomsday Fire Payouts" — Bloomberg
  • Rick Cupp Quoted in "Animal Advocates and Academics Seek Personhood Rights for Chimpanzees" — Seeker
  • Professor Jeff Baker and Community Justice Clinic Featured in Malibu Times
  • Colleen Graffy Discusses the Expulsion of Russian Diplomats on KNX Radio
  • Tom Stipanowich is Featured Commentator for CCTV Documentary on Arbitration in China
  • Derek Muller Quoted on Congressional Candidate — Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
  • Doug Kmiec Quoted on California Sanctuary Laws — Salisbury News
  • Ed Larson's New Book, "To the Edges of the Earth," Reviewed in WSJ
  • Mark Scarberry Quoted in Variety on Weinstein Company Bankruptcy
  • Dean Caron Quoted in "The Uncertain Landscape For Online Legal Education" — Inside Higher Education
  • David Han, "Terrorist Activity and the First Amendment Tipping Point" — Daily Journal
  • Ed Larson Book "On Faith and Science" Reviewed in Commonweal Magazine
  • Maureen Weston Quoted in "Are college basketball graduation rates at an all-time high" — Politifact
  • Rick Cupp Quoted in "When the Law Recognizes Animals as People" — New Republic
  • Barry McDonald Quoted in "Trump despises the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals" — McClatchy D.C.
  • Derek Muller, "Judicial vacancies threaten the rule of law" — Orange County Register