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Ninth Circuit Appellate Advocacy Clinic

The Ninth Circuit Appellate Advocacy Clinic requires a one-year commitment. Second year students can participate in the spring of their Second year and Fall of their Third year. Over the course of the year, students, in teams of two, will represent a client in an appeal before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Students will be required to review the appellate record, research the legal issues presented by the case, prepare the opening and reply briefs, and argue the case before a panel of Ninth Circuit judges. The clinic's clients will be drawn from the Ninth Circuit's pro bono docket and will usually involve a civil rights claim. The students will be under the supervision of Professor Jeremy Rosen, a partner at the appellate law firm Horvitz & Levy LLP.

Students in the clinic will receive three units per semester. The workload required to prepare high quality appellate briefs and to prepare for oral argument is demanding. The formal in-class time will include a two-hour evening class at the law school meeting once a week and a separate four-hour block of supervised clinic work time during which the students can work on the various aspects of their case under the supervision of the clinic director. This four-hour weekly block will occur at the clinic director's appellate law office in Burbank.

Students who are interested must apply by preparing a statement of interest explaining the student's interest in appellate law. The application should also include the student's resume, transcript, writing sample and a recommendation from a faculty member. The faculty recommendation can be sent separately via email to the clinic director. Only two new students can be admitted each semester. The students will be selected based upon the following factors: a demonstrated interest in appellate law, excellent research and writing skills, and general academic excellence.

For more information please contact Professor Jeremy B. Rosen jrosen@horvitzlevy.com