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After the Fire

Each member of the law school administration, faculty, and staff love Pepperdine and is committed to all aspects of the student experience, beginning with safety. The close-knit community you find on our campus defines us and fuels the one of a kind experience your son or daughter enjoys at our law school.

During the recent fire, we held our students close and protected them as if they were our own. The University works closely with governmental agencies to keep our Malibu campus and our other campuses safe.  No member of our community suffered any injury, and we experienced no serious damage to residential or teaching facilities. The University's careful planning - and no small amount of prayer - carried the day.

pepperdine campus during woolsey fire

Pepperdine Caruso Law Response to the Woolsey Fire

Information and Resources

Pepperdine campus after the 2018 Woolsey fire

Trying times certainly serve as a reminder of the extraordinary community that we have built here at Pepperdine and how we come together to share in each other's pain and serve together to provide for all those in need of our important work.

Ways to Give

hand covered in ash from the Woolsey Fire

Many have asked how they can help and where they can give to support students and families dealing with such sudden and tragic loss. The Pepperdine Strong Fund will enable the University to respond quickly to our community in this time of crisis, providing needed support for the students, faculty, and staff directly impacted by these events.

"Selfless work such as keeping others informed; offering homes to shelter displaced community members, friends, and family; and other acts of kindness have shown our strength as a community."

~Dean Paul Caron

paul Caron