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Disaster Recovery Clinic

Our Work

In the wake of wildfires in Southern California in November 2018, the Clinical Education Program at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law launched a Disaster Relief Clinic. Thanks to the generosity of the Malibu Foundation, Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law has been able to create an extension of this clinic, the Disaster Recovery Clinic. The Clinic provides limited-scope, pro bono legal services to people and communities harmed by the Woolsey fire.

The practice of the Clinic includes but is not limited to representation of clients with legal issues related to permitting and rebuilding, landlord-tenant relationships, insurance, and FEMA, among other things.

Student Experience

Students gain hands-on experience in the transitioning legal needs of clients as matters turn to assistance with navigating bureaucratic and administrative processes related to insurance, government permits and benefits, and rebuilding. This work will include advice and counsel, evaluation and analysis, negotiation and advocacy, research and writing, and guidance on legal matters as they arise and evolve during the course of recovery and rebuilding.

Request Assistance

If you have a legal question related to issues you are working through as a result of the Woolsey Fire, please call 310-506-7449 or email clinicallaw@pepperdine.edu to speak with an attorney to determine if the clinic will be able to help with your case. 



FEMA 101: Orientation for Homeowners in the Woolsey Fire

Overview of Federal Disaster Assistance

Individual Assistance Handbook

25 Pro Tips for Working with FEMA

National Disaster Legal Aid Resource Center Quick Reference Guide

FEMA Disaster Assistance


Fall 2018 Southern California Wildfires Helping Handbook: A Resource for Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses

A Homeowner's Insurance Policy Guide for California Fire Survivors

California's Statewide Wildfire Recovery Resources


United Policyholders: Woolsey Fire - Insurance Claim Help

United Policyholders: Claim Guidance Library

United Policyholders: Contents Claim Help 

Insurance Commissioner: Important California Laws that Pertain to Property Insurance Policies after a Declared Disaster

Insurance Commissioner: Expedited Claim Handling Billing Grace Period Procedures for California Wildfires

Insurance Commissioner: Declaration of Emergency Situation 


Business Physical Disaster Loans 

Economic Injury Disaster Loans


California Disaster Unemployment Benefits: www.edd.ca.gov/unemployment/Disaster_Unemployment_Assistance.htm 

Food Assistance

Public Benefits Disaster Relief


For further information about the Disaster Recovery Clinic, please contact Professors Sophia Hamilton and David DeJute