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Student Life Challenge 2015 Winners Announced

December 8, 2015 --  The Parris Institute for Professional Formation has announced the winners of the 2015 Student Life Challenge. The annual competition encourages students to incorporate healthy behaviors into their busy lives in the areas of physical exercise, emotional health, and nutrition.

Grand Prize Winner $250 Visa Gift Card (student with the most points):

Rachel Luba

$250 Drawing Visa Gift Card Winner:

Kyle Shiroma

$15 Subway Gift Cards:
1.    Katarina Niparko
2.    Charles Lin
3.    Elle Reed
4.    Emily White
5.    Ankita Thakkar

$20 Subway Gift Cards:
1.    Brittany Porter
2.    Nicholas Van Leuven
3.    Samantha Cismas
4.    Erin Wade
5.    Paul Caron

$25 Subway Gift Cards:
1.    Kyla Hough
2.    Cory Baker
3.    Jessica Freitas
4.    Ahllam Berri
5.    Colleen Yorke