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Pepperdine launches first ever "Giving Day"

February 20, 2017 | By Alexa Brown— As an alumna of Seaver University, I am quite familiar with the day when one receives a phone call asking for donations in honor of his or her Alma Mater; it can feel intimidating as a young graduate. Yet, my undergraduate experience was allowable in part because of the alumni who provided vital donations that made up integral parts of my education. I decided that my lack of knowledge of where funds are funneled once donated, how much was really being asked of me, and what Pepperdine's new "Giving Day" entailed had ultimately left me curious with questions. To clear up what it means to give back as a Pepperdine graduate or a current student, I talked to Nicole Assael, Assistant Director to the Pepperdine Fund. Assael graduated from Seaver College with a business degree in 2010, and later received an MBA from the Graziadio School and a Dispute Resolution certificate from the School of Law Straus Institute in 2013.

Tell me a little about the Pepperdine Fund.

The role of the Pepperdine Fund is to educate alumni (and students, for when they become alumni) on the importance of their annual financial support, in whatever capacity they are able to give. Whether it's $5 per year or $5,000, every gift makes an impact—by supporting student scholarships, academic programs, and much more. Gifts from alumni also strengthen our University's global reputation and rankings, which in turn enhances the value of a Pepperdine degree.

What is Giving Day?

Pepperdine Giving Day, Give2Pepp, calls on each member of the global Pepperdine community to give back on one extraordinary day. Building upon the University's time-honored tradition of generosity, we invite you to join together to support future generations of Waves with an enduring gift. Thanks to the generosity of a select group of donors, your gift will multiply in impact when you #Give2Pepp.

How did Giving Day originate?

Universities all across the country have proven that giving days are the perfect opportunity to rally enthusiasm and support from current students, alumni, family, and friends. After about two years of in-depth research and planning, we are launching our very first Giving Day here at Pepperdine!

How are the funds distributed? Are gifts allowed to be made out to specific Pepperdine schools and/or programs?

We are attempting to connect everyone who loves Pepperdine with the areas that they love the most. We're highlighting a few programs for each school during Giving Day, but you can choose to give back to anything at the School of Law where you'd like to make a difference by writing it in the "other" box.

What is the "Senior 5 for 5" Campaign?

This is a giving program we have in place for Seaver College undergraduates. They pledge to give $5 during their senior year, and then $5 a year for the following four years. It's a great program since it educates students and young alumni on the fact that it's not how much they can give, but rather that they give every year, that is most important. The same applies for School of Law alumni as well!

How should student and alumni participate on Giving Day?

We're asking everyone to participate by giving and then sharing their enthusiasm. You can visit Give2Pepp to make your gift, and share online (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) why you gave back. For current law students, Dean Schultz has graciously offered to match donations up to a disclosed amount.