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Kris Knapland quoted in "Redstone Triumphant, Ex-Lover Says Heirs Had 'Insidious Plan'" --Bloomberg

May 13, 2016 -- Professor Kristine S. Knaplund is quoted in a Bloomberg article, "Redstone Triumphant, Ex-Lover Says Heirs Had 'Insidious Plan.'" The article considers the recent dismissal of a competency suit filed by Manual Herzer, a former romantic partner of Sumner Redstone. Redstone is the controlling shareholder of CBS and Viacom. Herzer is seeking a $70 million inheritance.

Via Bloomberg:


Herzer now has a much tougher road ahead of her, both in her appeal and with her new lawsuit, said Kris Knaplund, a law professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. The central question was did Sumner know what he was doing, she said: "The judge seemed to indicate he does."

Now Herzer will have to prove that not only that Shari Redstone took actions against her, but that Sumner changed his will because of those actions.

"She may be able to show Shari said horrible things that weren't true," Knaplund said. "He could say 'I would have done this no matter what my daughter said.' Normally such cases are filed after someone died. If he's alive, you can just go an ask him."

"Manual Herzer has a problem," she said.

The case is In re Advance Health Care Directive of Sumner M. Redstone, BP168725, Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The complete article may be found on bloomberg.com.