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Ati Alipour (LLM '16) Featured on Kluwer Mediation Blog

June 25, 2019 | Pepperdine Law Straus alumna Ati Alipour (LLM '16) is featured in the Kluwer Mediation Blog article, "A Coffee with Ati Alipour." Ati was interviewed for the article while she was in Brazil as a judge for the Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) International Mediation Competition. Ati was selected as a competition judge, which took place on April 5-6 in Sao Paulo.

Excerpt from "A Coffee with Ati Alipour"

How was it different to study law in different countries and different languages?

Despite its challenges, I find it a great experience. Law is intertwined with culture and understanding legal regime of a country requires understanding more than just the statutes and codes. I believe for an international attorney, understanding and knowing the law and language of a different country can be a very strong tool to understand multiculturality of the clients who are from different countries, cultures or religions.

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