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Student Organizations

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Faith-Based Student Groups 

Essential to the Nootbaar Institute mission is encouraging students to integrate their faith commitments and identifies into their lives as law students and, going forward, their lives as lawyers. The Nootbaar Institute therefore works alongside, providing resources and support, to the range of faith-based student groups at Caruso School of Law. Those groups include: 

Christian Legal Society

The purpose of this Chapter is to develop and maintain a vibrant Christian law student presence on campus, enabling its members, individually and as a group, to love the Lord with their whole beings—hearts, souls, and minds—and to love their neighbors as themselves (Matthew 22:37-40). To that end the Chapter will: 

  • Cultivate spiritual growth among its members through communal prayer, fellowship, and worship; learning to share one’s faith; and devotional study of the Bible and classic Christian works
  • Show the love of Christ to the campus community and the community at large by proclaiming the gospel in word and in deed, such as through a life of integrity and charitable good works; as Martin Luther put it, “to be as Christ to our neighbor.”

Jewish Law Students’ Association

The purpose of the Jewish Law Students' Association shall be two-fold:

  • To promote interest and further understanding of diverse aspects of the Jewish religion and culture. This purpose will be accomplished through speakers, symposia, social events, and other related activities.
  • To provide services to the Jewish student population in the effort to improve campus life, as well as to nourish the identities of the Jewish law students.

J. Reuben Clark Society

The Law Society's mission statement is as follows:

  • "We affirm the strength brought to the law by a lawyer's personal religious conviction. We strive through public service and professional excellence to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law."

Interfaith Student Council

The Interfaith Student Council was created to ensure that students from all faith backgrounds feel welcome at Pepperdine Law. In furtherance of this goal, the Interfaith Student Council is a group of students interested in the religious diversity of the faculty, staff, and students. The Interfaith Student Council desires to use our common background as lawyers and humans to come together, discuss our differences and similarities, and create a unique community of diverse religions, beliefs, and creeds.

The purpose of the Interfaith Student Council is to promote awareness of the above values at Pepperdine Law and to further their application through a variety of organizational sponsored activities. We wish to unite and discuss, embracing similarities and welcoming differences.

Additional Support 

Every year, the Christian Legal Society (CLS) chooses a new location in the United States to hold its national conference. This conference is for legal professionals and law students to attend and typically takes place over three days.  This conference provides its attendees with exposure to the Christian legal community and introduces them to new speakers and ideas. The Nootbaar Institute subsidizes airfare, lodging, and meals for the Pepperdine Caruso Law students who are members of CLS to attend this annual event. This ensures that there are little to no barriers for students who feel that attending this conference would enhance their law school experience.

For more information about student community events contact Rabbi Sholom Eagle at sholom.eagle@pepperdine.edu.