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Preceptor Program

Here is a taste of what our students are experiencing:


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From consistent check-ups during my first year of law school to life and career guidance, the alumni at Pepperdine law were there every step of the way to provide guidance during my law school career. The alumni always had my best interest at heart and in times of conflict, whether it regarded internships, school, or life; my mentors were always there to guide me. They helped shape the type of lawyer I want to be and what I aspire to practice. Even while facing conflict on the other side of the world, my mentors promptly picked up the phone to help me in my time of need. I've developed mentorships that will continue beyond law school, so I am truly indebted and grateful for all the support and guidance I've received from Pepperdine's alumni.

Class of 2020


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My preceptor offered me a summer internship!!! While many of my classmates are stressed and anxious searching for a job, I can focus on my classes knowing I'm set for the summer with a job conveniently located in LA. He also goes out of his way to accommodate my dietary restrictions by going to kosher restaurants even though it means traveling further from his office. He always picks up the bill and refuses to let me pay. He is a cool person to talk to and hang out with. Because he is so successful in his career, I didn't expect him to be so down to earth and humble. He is becoming a great friend and mentor to me. My preceptor has been a tremendous support to my success in school and I hope he continues in this capacity to further mentor first-year law students. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for giving students this wonderful opportunity to have a preceptor who can guide us through this new and exhilarating experience of 1L.

Class of 2022


Program Information

An integral part of the Introduction to Professional Formation course, all first-year JD students at the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law are automatically enrolled in the Preceptor Program, a program that connects students one-on-one to an alumnus in the local area, around the country, or around the world. These "preceptors" agree to serve as mentors for the students throughout their first semester of law school, and beyond if the student wants to stay in touch. The term "preceptor" is a new term to most law students, but it is very familiar to aspiring physicians. A preceptor is simply an expert that provides practical experiences to help a student. The idea of learning through practical experiences translates easily to the world of legal education.

The preceptors meet with their preceptee several times in the first year, online, over the phone, or in person. Although the form of the meetings may take different forms for different situations, the preceptors are encouraged to (i) take the student to work to witness the preceptor in action; and (ii) either attend a class with the students or meet with the students in a social environment for coffee or lunch. The hope is that such meetings will serve as a springboard for discussions that produce valuable learning experiences that would not have occurred in a traditional classroom.


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Pepperdine Law's network of alumni that are eager to help Pepperdine students is one of the best things that Pepperdine has to offer. The mentor/preceptor that I was assigned my first year has become my greatest advocate and resource for all things entertainment law (as well as becoming a friend/sister to me). She connected me with other attorneys in the industry for informational interviews and even passed my resume along for job submissions. Through the connections that I've made with her help and her submissions on my behalf, I have been offered internship positions and had the opportunity to grow my network. I can't imagine having gone to any other law school and giving up the chance to have her as a mentor.

Class of 2021


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