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Preceptor Program

Here is a taste of what our students are experiencing:

"I had my first Preceptor meeting today. She is an attorney in the D.A.'s office. We talked about how she got there, what her work is like, and what an intern's job would entail. It was an amazing visit. She is sharp and strong. I told her my goals, which at this point is more of a philosophy than a true goal. I loved the meeting, and I can't wait for our next one.

Thank you for putting all this together. If I could have written down what I wanted law school to be like, I couldn't have imagined it would be this good. I don't yet know if I am a good student, but I know the type of lawyer I want to be. I want to do good."  --Joe

Program Information

An integral part of the Introduction to Professional Formation course, all first-year JD students at the Pepperdine University School of Law are automatically enrolled in the Preceptor Program, a program that connects students in groups of two or three to an attorney or judge in the local area. These "preceptors" agree to serve as mentors for the students throughout their first semester of law school. The term "preceptor" is a new term to most law students, but it is very familiar to aspiring physicians. A preceptor is simply an expert that provides practical experiences to a student. The idea of learning through practical experiences translates easily to the world of legal education.

The preceptors meet with their mentees several times in the first semester. Although the form of the meetings may take different forms for different situations, the preceptors are encouraged to (i) take the students to work to witness the preceptor in action; and (ii) either attend a class with the students or meet with the students in a social environment for coffee or lunch. The hope is that such meetings will serve as a springboard for discussions that produce valuable learning experiences that would not have occurred in a traditional classroom.

Announcing our Preceptors of the Year