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The Parris Awards

2015 marked the first year of the Parris Institute and the First Annual Parris Awards. The Parris Awards have since been celebrated each Spring to honor those who exhibit the highest order of the pillars of professionalism. The values of any institution are usually emphasized by that which is honored. At Pepperdine, we value the greatest traditions, ideals, and aspirations of the profession. The Parris Institute has initiated a strategic investment in first year law students with an emphasis on developing who they are as leaders as much as what they know as lawyers.

Among the awards to be presented are:

  • Excellence in Professionalism
  • Excellence in Service
  • Excellence in Peacemaking
  • Excellence in Courage
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Excellence in Character
  • The Pepperdine Award

All faculty, staff, and students are invited to nominate candidates for the above awards making these awards unique and particularly special. Nominations are based on actual narratives of stories that capture each candidates attributes. Ultimately, the faculty and administrators vote to determine the recipients. 

Announcing our Parris Award Recipients