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Byrne Judicial Clerkship Institute Schedule

March 17-19, 2011

Thursday, March 17
7:30 Shuttle bus departs from hotel
8:00 Registration & Continental breakfast at Pepperdine
9:00 Welcome - Dean Tom Bost, Professor Shelley Saxer & Judge Barbara Rothstein

Role of the Law Clerk - Judge Charles Breyer, Judge Sandra Ikuta, Judge Steven Rhodes

*Career Clerks: Section 1983 Actions - Judge Jackie Corley 


Judicial Law Clerks: Judge Corley, Dr. Aaron D. Ford, Michael Rice

*Career Clerks - ERISA Professor Colleen Medill

11:15 Break
11:30 Litigation of High Profile Cases: Chief Judge Royce Lamberth & Chief Judge Vaughn Walker
12:30 Tours of the Law School (optional) and Lunch
1:45 Judicial Clerkship Ethics: Judge Carol Bagley Amon

Handling Habeas Corpus Petitions: Judge Sandra Ikuta and Judge Barbara Rothstein

*Bankruptcy Current Developments - Judge Margaret Mahoney

3:45 Break
4:00 Psychology of Litigation: Judge Jeremy Fogel & Judge Mitchel Goldberg
5:00 Break
5:15 Shuttle pick up for Dinner
5:30 Dinner at Drescher: University Professor Ed Larson
7:00 Shuttle bus departs from Pepperdine for hotel

Friday, March 18
7:30 Shuttle bus departs from hotel
8:00 Continental breakfast at Pepperdine
8:45 Important Recent & Pending USSC Cases -- Dean Erwin Chemerinsky & President Ken Starr
10:15 Break

Federal Jurisdiction - Judge William Duane Benton & Professor Jon Varat

*Bankruptcy Jurisdiction - Judge Steven Rhodes

*Career Clerk Discussion - Brenda Baldwin-White, Senior Judicial Education Attorney, FJC

12:00 Lunch: Keynote Speaker - Judge Deanell Reece Tacha
1:30 Bankruptcy Appeals - Judge Steven Rhodes

*Legal Writing for District Court: Judge Karon Bowdre

*Appellate Court: Judge Tacha

*Bankruptcy Court: Judge Margaret Mahoney

3:15 Break

Wm. Matthew Byrne, Jr. Annual Lecture: The Individual Healthcare Mandate -Professor Jack Balkin, Professor Bob Pushaw, John Varat, and President Starr as Moderator

5:00 Shuttle bus departs for Special event for students
5:30 Dinner for Byrne Judicial Clerkship Institute Faculty and Special Guests

Saturday, March 19
8:00 Shuttle bus departs from hotel
8:30 Continental breakfast at Pepperdine

Pleadings After Twombly and Iqbal: Chief Judge Lamberth & Professor Trey Childress

*Bankruptcy Evidence Issues - Judge Barry Russell

10:00 Break

Judicial Discretion: How Judges Decide Hard Cases and How Their Clerks Can Help Them  - Judge Kimberly Wardlaw and Professor Trey Childress

*Understanding Financial Information in Bankruptcy Cases - Professor Jack Williams

11:15 Career Choices and Lessons Learned -- Judge Brett Kavanaugh
12:00 Lunch "Louis Brandeis: Law Clerk, Lawyer, Professor, & Supreme Court Justice" - Professor Bob Cochran
1:30 Shuttle bus departs from Pepperdine for hotel

*Denotes breakout session