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COVID-19: Additional Resources for Nonprofit Partners

Memorandum to Nonprofit Partners

This memo offers a brief orientation on programs available for nonprofits under the federal government's new emergency measures in response to COVID-19. The first section addresses emergency loans, grants, and tax relief programs for qualifying organizations. The second section is guidance for employees who lose their positions during the crisis.

This is not legal advice. Unless we agree in writing, the Community Justice Clinic is not your lawyer for these matters. These are basic descriptions to orient organizations to these programs, and this guidance is subject to change as federal and state governments implement the programs. Individual entities will have specific issues and problems to navigate in their applications and processes, and they should seek careful counsel about specific questions and potential problems, especially as the government implements these programs quickly.


General Resources

 Small Business Administration

 Nonprofit Quarterly

 National Council of Nonprofits

 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES Act)

 California Employee Development Department (EDD)

 U.S. Department of the Treasury

 California State Treasurer

Last updated 6/1/2020