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Community Justice Clinic

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Our Work

The Community Justice Clinic serves as general counsel for nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations, and social enterprises. Its work involves corporate, transactional, and policy practice and advocacy. The Clinic's clients work for human rights, social justice, economic development, and empowerment for vulnerable people around the world.

Scope of Work

The Clinic's clients address some of the most pressing issues in the nation and the world, including homelessness, human trafficking, refugee migration, sustainable agriculture, access to education and gender violence. As a result, students support clients as they

  • Access markets for economic empowerment of poor and excluded communities,
  • Advance systems for dignified work and life, and
  • Advocate for children's rights and indigenous people

As the scope of the work is broad, so is its physical reach. Our clients are not only at work in California and the U.S., but are also present and engaged in China, Ecuador, Nicaragua, India, Iraq, Germany, Nepal, Somalia, and the United Kingdom. As a result, our practice is local and international with significant work in comparative law, international transactions and compliance, and policy research across borders.

Our Clients

These are a few of our clients doing heroic work in the world: 

Student Experience

Clinic students practice across three main areas:

  • Corporate practice: students serve and counsel clients with formation, governance, and compliance matters
  • Policy and Advocacy practice: students serve clients with research, strategy, and writing to advance our clients' work in the world
  • General and Transactional practice: students work with clients to answer questions, resolve problems, and advance deals that expand clients' capacity to serve their communities

In the Clinic seminar, students learn the law, practice skills, hone strategies, and explore the ethical and moral questions of lawyering. In practice, students work with increasing independence to accelerate their readiness for practice after graduation. The Clinic teaches for transfer, so that lessons learned in clinical practice inform students' careers in any area of law. Students complete the Clinic with clearer expectations about the profession and better prepared to serve clients. Along the way they advance justice in the world doing some of the best work of their careers.


Professor Jeff Baker directs the Community Justice Clinic and supervises students' work. For more information about the Clinic's course or practice, contact Professor Baker at jeff.baker@pepperdine.edu or 310-506-6350.