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Volume twelve





Fixing the Vaccine Act's Structural Moral Hazard

Brandon L. Boxler

Mediation Confidentiality: For California Litigants, Why Should Mediation Confidentiality be a Function of the Court in Which the Litigation is Pending?

Rebecca Callahan

The Five-Tool Mediator: Game Theory, Baseball Practices, and Southpaw Scouting

Michael N. Widener

Graham v. Florida: How the Supreme Court's Rationale Encourages Reform of the Juvenile Justice System Through Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies

Heather Hojnacki

The Perfect Circle: Arbitration's Favors Become Its Flaws in an Era of Nationalization and Regulation

Kimberly R. Wagner



Is There a Stare Decisis Doctrine in the Court of Arbitration for Sport?  An Analysis of Published Awards for Anti-Doping Disputes in Track and Field

Annie Bersagel

Pursuit of Happiness and Resolution of Conflict: An Agenda for the Future of ADR

Arthur Pearlstein

When "Yes" Means "No": McCarran--Ferguson, the New York Convention, and the Limits of Congressional Assent

Aaron L. Wells

What FINRA Can Learn from Major League Baseball

Ben Einbinder

How to Give the Dog a Home: Using Mediation to Solve Companion Animal Custody Disputes

Emily Franklin



Beyond Nondiscrimination: AT&T Mobility LLC v. Concepcion and the Further Federalization of U.S. Arbitration Law

Edward P. Boyle & David N. Cinotti

Mediating the Religious Upbringing Issue in Divorce Cases

Katheryn M. Dutenhaver

Happiness at the House of Mouse: How Disney Negotiates to Create the "Happiest Place on Earth"

Lauren A. Newell

The Effect of the Dodd--Frank Act on Arbitration Agreements: A Proposal for Consumer Choice

Catherine Moore

Negotiations Between the WGA and AMPTP: How to Avoid Strikes and Still Promote Members' Needs

Jillian N. Morphis