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We believe that, at its best, the law promotes healing. It is an instrument for reconciliation between aggrieved parties and it facilitates peace. Through scholarship and symposia, the Journal serves our profession in this way: it advances the dialogue on making reconciliation a reality through the law.

Our mission is to facilitate intellectual discourse on the rapidly evolving field of alternative dispute resolution. We are committed to publishing the varying perspectives of practitioners, academics, and students—and we welcome you to join us in this meaningful dialogue.

Nicole Hogan, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 19 | 2018–2019 Editorial Board


  • Carson Bennett

Managing Editor

  • Andrew Real

Business and Technical Editor

  • Ani Torossian

Lead Articles Editor

  • Lerae Ettienne

Student Articles Editor

  • Ginsey Varghese

Executive Editors

  • Shawn Anderson
  • Tim Dudley
  • Katelyn Kunisch
  • Matthew Stinson

Literary Citation Editors

  • Madisson Blum
  • Kevin Yang

Symposium Editor

  • Hannah Gray

Faculty Advisor

  • Professor Maureen A. Weston