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Volume Ten

Issue 1:


Doping Control, Mandatory Arbitration, and Process Dangers for Accused Athletes in International Sports
          Maureen A. Weston

Judicial Review of Olympic and International Sports Arbitration Awards: Trends and Observations
          Matthew J. Mitten

The Beijing Summer Olympic Games: Decisions from the CAS and IOC
          Richard H. McLaren & Geoff Cowper-Smith

Lessons from USADA v. Jenkins: You Can't Win When You Beat a Monopoly
          Michael S. Straubel


From the Trenches: The Landscape of Sports Dispute Resolution and Athlete Representation
          John Ruger

Common Issues in International Sports Arbitration
          Jeffrey Benz

The Future of Sports Dispute Resolution
          Michael Lenard

Issue 2:


The Psychology of Mediation: Issues of Self and Identity and the IDR Cycle
          Elizabeth E. Bader

Legal Bargaining Theory's New "Prospecting" Agenda: It May Be Social Science, But Is It News?
          Robert J. Condlin

Balancing Transparency: The Value of Administrative Law and Mathews - Balancing to Investment Treaty Arbitrations
          Cornel Marian

Making a Deal with the Devil: A Mediation Approach to Mitigating the Negative Effects of Church Conflict
          Amanda L. Marutzky

A Fighting Chance: The Proposed Servicemembers Access to Justice Act & Its Potential Effects on Binding Arbitration Agreements
          Sean M. Hardy

Issue 3:


South Pasadena: A Dialogue on Dialogue
          Steve Zikman

Getting the Green Light for Senate Bill 375: Public Engagement for Climate-Friendly Land Use in California
          Greg Greenway

Resolving Conflicts Over Climate Change Solutions: Making the Case for Mediation
          Alana Knaster

Employees Losing Power, Losing Jobs: Making the Case for Mediating Power in the Era of Buy-ins and Bailouts
          LoValerie Mullins

Arbitration Hurdles Facing Foreign Investors in Russian: Analysis of Present Issues and Implications
          Elliot Glusker

For Heaven's Sake, Give the Child a Voice: An ADR Approach to Interfaith Child Custody Disputes
          Charlee Lane

ADR and a Smile: Neocolonialism and the West's Newest Export in Africa
          Anthony P. Greco