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Volume Eleven






Jeffrey D. Hoyle

Keynote Address: Civil Justice at a Crossroads

Rebecca Love Kourlis

Getting to Yes in Specialized Courts: The Unique Role of ADR in Business Court Cases

Benjamin F. Tennille, Lee Applebaum, & Anne Tucker Nees

Economical Litigation Agreements: The "Civil Litigation Prenup" Need, Basis, and Enforceability

Daniel B. Winslow & Alexandra Bedell-Healy


American Justice at a Crossroads: Opening Remarks

Kenneth Starr

American Justice at a Crossroads: Remarks of Kathleen Bryan

Kathleen Bryan

American Justice at a Crossroads: Remarks of Thomas J. Stipanowich

Thomas J. Stipanowich

A Reflection on American Justice at a Crossroads: A Public and Private Crisis

Maureen A. Weston



Multi-Stakeholder Dispute Resolution: Building Social Capital Through Access to Justice at the Community Level

Shahla Ali, William E. Davis, and Joanna Lee

Clouded Diamonds: Without Binding Arbitration and More Sophisticated Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, the Kimberley Process Will Ultimately Fail in Ending Conflicts Fueled By Blood Diamonds

Shannon K. Murphy

Collaborative Practice's Radical Possibilities For the Legal Profession: "[Two Lawyers and Two Clients] For the Situation"

Robert F. Cochran, Jr.

The Assault of Jamie Leigh Jones: How One Woman's Horror Story Is Changing Arbitration in America

Jeffrey Adams

Waiving Rights Goodbye: Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements After Stolt-Nielsen v. Animal Feeds International

Diana M. Link & Richard A. Bales

Teaching the Ethical Values Governing Mediator Impartiality Using Short Lectures, Buzz Group Discussions, Video Clips, a Defining Features Matrix, Games, and an Exercise Based on Grievances Filed Against Florida Mediators

Paula M. Young



The Truth Shall Set You Free: A Distinctively Christian Approach to Deception in the Negotiation Process

Al Sturgeon

The Case Against Maritime Class Arbitration: A Brief Policy Argument

Landon R. Schwob

Stumbling Down the Courthouse Steps: Mediators' Perceptions of the Stumbling Blocks to Successful Mandated Mediation in Child Custody and Visitation

Sandra J. Perry, JD, Tanya M. Marcum, JD, & Charles R. Stoner, D.B.A.

The Disempowering Relationship Between Mediator Neutrality and Judicial Impartiality: Toward a New Mediation Ethic

Ronit Zamir

"El Agua No Se Vende: Water is Not For Sale!" The Latin American Water Tribunal as a Model for Advancing Access to Water

Mikita A. Weaver

A Call to Action: A Client-Centered Evaluation of Collaborative Law

Alexandria Zylstra, JD, LLM

An Unnecessary Consternation: An Analysis of the Future of EU Arbitration in the Wake of the West Tankers Decision

Mark G. Materna