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Student Publications

Spring 2014

Samantha Koopman
Hidden Risks of Taking Generic Drugs over Brand Name: The Impact of Drug Labeling Regulations on Injured Consumers and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Whitney Ruijuan Hao
City of Arlington v. FCC: Jurisdictional or Nonjurisdictional, Where to Draw the Line

Melissa Cerro
Navigating a Post America Invents Act World: How the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Supports Small Businesses

Fall 2013 Issue

Emily Casey
Waist-Deep in Nuclear Waste: How the NRC Can Rebuild Confidence in a Stalled Waste Management Program

Hsuan Li
Christopher v. SmithKline Beecham Corporation: A Tough Pill to Swallow for Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Lydia Park
Missing the Mark: Partial Resolution of the Application of Equitable Tolling to Section 16(b) Claims in Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC v. Simmonds

John Stanley
Disorganized Labor: Is Knox v. SEIU the Nail in the Coffin for Public Sector Unions?

Spring 2013 Issue

Adjoa Anim-Appiah
Raising the Standard: Juduland v. Holder Condemns the Use of Arbitrary and Capricious Policies when Determining Eligibility for the Section 212(c) Waiver

Stephen Dixon
A Channel Wirth Changing? The Individual Regional Sports Network: Proliferation, Profits, Parity, and the Potential Administrative and Antitrust Issues that Could Follow

Michael Vincent Ruocco
Brand Name or Generic? A Case Note on Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories v. Novo Nordisck

Alice J. Won
Exhausted? Video Game Companies and the Battle Against Allowing the Resale of Software Licenses

Fall 2012 Issue

Ray Areshenko
Business Roundtable v. Securities and Exchange Commission: The SEC's First Big Shot at Proxy Access in the Shadow of Dodd-Frank

Emily Edwards
Partial v. Complete Removal: The Debate Surrounding California's Implementation of the Rigs to Reef Project

Carolyn Hoang
In the Middle: Creating a Middle Road Between U.S. and E.U. Data Protection Policies

Megan Waugh
A Broke(n) System: Comment on the Supreme Court's Decision to Rule on the Equal Protection Clause in Douglas v. Independent Living Center, and its Potential Impact on the Affordable Care Act

Spring 2012 Issue

Tiffany Bacon
The Implementation of the Animal Damage Control Act: A Comment on Wildlife Service's Method of Predatory Animal Control

Alexandra Baumann
Play Ball: What Can Be Done to Prevent Strikes and Lockouts in Professional Sports and Keep the Stadium Lights On

Erica Bourdon
Happy Air! Strengthening the Role of Administrative Law in Environmental Enforcement

Ashleigh Kasper
Helping the Helpless: The Foreign Policy Strategies Underlying Humanitarian Rhetoric in American Refugee Law and Policy

Fall 2011 Issue

Maxfield Marquardt
Citizens United: A World Full of Disclosure

Bradley Raboin
Corresponding Evolution: International Law and the Emergency of Cyber Warfare

Jennifer Wong
Net Neutrality: Preparing for the Future

Megan Young
Dying to Entertain Us or Living to Educate Us? A Comprehensive Investigation of Killer Whales in Captivity, Their Trainers, and How the Law Must Evolve to Meet Their Needs

Spring 2011 Issue

Kate Bowles
Is the Doctor in? The Contemptible Condition of Immigrant Detainee Healthcare in the U.S. and the Need for a Constitutional Remedy

Elaine Ekpo
Is "Different but Equal" the New "Separate but Equal"? NCLB's Single Sex Schooling Option Signals New Horizons for Some While Challenging Equal Education Convictions for Others

Daniel Lamb
A Specter is Haunting the Financial Industry -- The Specter of the Global Financial Crisis: A Comment on the Eminent Expansion of Consumer Financial Protection in the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union

Alan Wilcox
Regulating Violence in Video Games: Virtually Everything