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Mission Statement

The primary objective of JBEL is to contribute to the body of legal knowledge in the fields of entrepreneurship and business through publication of a high quality and professional periodical. As a student organization of the Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law and sponsored by the Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship & the Law, JBEL embraces the missions of the law school and the Palmer Center while also incorporating its own specific goals. Pepperdine Caruso Law incorporates Christian values to "strengthen lives for purpose, service, and leadership" by preparing law students for various positions in the legal field. The law school aims to provide qualified students with a high-quality legal education that emphasizes the highest principals in ethical conduct and professional responsibility. The Palmer Center contributes uniquely to Pepperdine Caruso Law by providing an unrivaled dual focus on entrepreneurship and the law. The Palmer Center's challenging curriculum and presence in the technological, legal, and business fields supply Pepperdine Caruso Law students with valuable training and skills for various fields related to the law.

JBEL aims to contribute directly to the quality of the Pepperdine Caruso Law education through a unique, interdisciplinary approach. JBEL publishes two traditional publications each year as well as an online publication forum that promotes active discussion between readers, authors, and students of the law. Additionally, the Journal works closely with the Geoffrey H. Palmer Center for Entrepreneurship & the Law to host symposia in the fields of entrepreneurship and business, and will publish resulting symposia issues. JBEL seeks to give back to the Pepperdine Caruso Law community by strengthening the quality of legal education students are able to obtain while at Pepperdine Caruso Law and hopes to promote the Pepperdine Caruso Law reputation and character by diversifying the legal fields to which the university contributes.