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Implicit Bias Training

Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law is committed to providing the resources and training to educate our greater community about implicit bias. Not sure what this means? Click here for the American Bar Association's comprehensive implicit bias tool box which includes a glossary of terms. 

The American Bar Association Section of Litigation's Implicit Bias Initiative offers materials for further reading and review. 

The AALS Law Deans Antiracist Clearinghouse Project offers a space for our collective voices as leaders of law schools to engage our institutions in the fight for justice and equality.

ABA Recommended Reading List

For two very readable popular press books, you may also want to read,

  • Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (2007)
  • Shankar Vedantam, The Hidden Brain (2010)

For questions or concerns, please contact the Dean's Suite.

Hidden Injustice: Bias on the Bench

Implicit Bias Scholastic Research

  • Chris Chambers Goodman & F. Jason Far-Hadian, Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in the Intellectual Property Bar and Beyond (MCLE Self Study Article), California Bar Journal (2020)
  • Chris Chambers Goodman, AI/Esq.: Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Lawyer-Client Relationships, 72 OKLA. L. REV. 149 (2019) SSRNHeinOnline
  • Chris Chambers Goodman, Identifying, Discussing, and Responding to Gender Bias in the Legal Profession, 37 (No. 1) CAL. REAL PROP. J. 28 (2019) SSRN
  • Chris Chambers Goodman, The Civil Rights Act, THE MARIN LAWYER, June 2019, at 19
  • Chris Chambers Goodman, Class in the Classroom: Poverty, Policies, and Practices Impeding Education, 27 J. GENDER SOC. POL'Y & L. 95 (2019) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Chris Chambers Goodman, Shadowing the Bar: Attorneys' Own Implicit Bias, 28 LA RAZA L.J. 18 (2017) SSRN HeinOnline
  • Chris Chambers Goodman, Nevertheless She Persisted: From Mrs. Bradwell to Annalise Keating, Gender Bias in the Courtroom, 24 WM. & MARY J. WOMEN & L. 167 (2017) SSRN HeinOnline