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Costs, Housing and Residence Life, and Immigration

Program Costs

Typical costs associated with attending Pepperdine's Fall London Program include tuition, books, room and board, an activity fee, and personal travel and entertainment-related expenses. Tuition is the same as for Malibu classes based on a flat-fee. The tuition cost for the Fall 2023 semester was $31,830 for ten or more units. Please note that the tuition cost will change for Fall 2024 and further details will be published. Book costs are estimated and vary depending on the course and travel and entertainment expenses can vary considerably for each student.

There is also a separate activity fee of $2,800. This fee covers the costs of the European & International Institutions Study Tour, Parliament Tour, Legal London Tour, London Bus Tour, tour guides, Opening Week Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, and dinner in one of the Inns of Courts. There may be additional activities scheduled.

Please note that other than tuition and the activity fee, the actual costs for London-related items such as board, room, transportation, etc. may be less (or more) depending on foreign currency exchange rates.

Financial aid and scholarships (if applicable) function in the same manner as those for a typical semester of studying law at Pepperdine in Malibu. It should be noted that the maximum amount of available loan assistance for students studying in London is greater than for those studying in Malibu due to anticipated additional costs of studying abroad. Below is a budget of estimated charges. Actual expenses may be higher or lower depending on the individual student.

  Cost Details
Item Cost
*Tuition $31,830*
Activity Fee $2,800
**Housing $8,000
Estimated Personal Expenses $4,250
Books $600
Transportation (R/T Los Angeles to London) $1,800
Board (depending on how often you eat out) $4,000
Student Body Association Fee $30
Health Insurance $1,292

*2023 rate, tuition is subject to change for future semesters

**This estimated housing cost is based on a student living alone and in a relatively central location. Sharing accommodation and being willing to commute further can both reduce the cost, but we advise that you budget for this amount.

A program deposit of $500 is due on or before March 8, 2024. The $500 deposit will be applied toward your London Program Activity Fee. If your deposit is not received by March 8 you will lose your placement. 


Housing and Residence Life

In recent years, students have been responsible for finding their own accommodation in London, and do so mostly in groups in shared apartments. Although it can seem like a challenge for students to find suitable and reasonably priced apartments for this relatively short period, more options have become available in recent years, and as well as renting through agents or private landlords, some students now also use AirBnB for some or all of their stay. It is certainly useful as a stop-gap if students wish to spend some time looking for longer term accommodation once here. We suggest that you also look at specific student accommodation that is available through a number of organizations in London who specialize in this field, as many can cater for shorter stays than an academic year. If you do elect instead to look for an apartment through a private landlord or agent, we advise that you arrive in London at least a week prior to the start of classes in order to have sufficient time for your search and to get used to your surroundings. It is a very good idea to start your research several weeks before this to determine which areas fit your budget. Further information on student accommodation and recommendations for temporary housing will be available shortly and updates are sent periodically throughout the spring and early summer.

Immigration Requirements

Generally, students who are not planning on obtaining an externship placement will require only a US Passport that is valid for six months following the end of the semester. The UK requires only that your passport is valid for the duration of your stay, but other countries that you may visit might require that your passport is valid for six months following your trip to that particular country. Please check that your passport validity complies. If you do not possess a US passport or have one that will expire while you are abroad, you should begin the application process for a US passport immediately to ensure that you will be able to attend the program. You can find more information on how to apply for or renew your US passport.

Letters from Pepperdine indicating your enrollment in an approved education program will be provided to you prior to departure for the UK and will be required for entry into the UK. Any such letters should be carried with you when you are traveling abroad, for example, on weekends, for re-entry back into the UK.

Students who are not US nationals and possess passports from another country should check with the Visa Services section of the UK Border Agency to learn whether they are required to get a visa and, if so, how they go about obtaining one.

  If you will take a clinical/externship placement...

Students planning to take a clinical are required to comply with UK immigration rules that came into effect in March 2009. There is a fee (approximately $500) involved in obtaining a Tier 4 General Student Visa, payable to the UK Visas and Immigration directly online when making the application. While proper immigration status is the responsibility of the student, we will help to guide you through the process which is straightforward but does require diligence in attention to details and dates.

In general terms, the process is as follows:

  1. Send a scan of your passport to Karen Haygreen. We need to have a copy of your passport in order to generate a "CAS" (Confirmation of Acceptance to Study) number.
  2. Receive a CAS number from London.
  3. Make online visa application.
  4. Attend biometric appointment.
  5. Send in paper application and passport along with supporting documentation which may include some or all of the following: an official transcript (it must be official!), acceptance to the program letter, financial aid letter, bank statements.
  6. If you do not apply for your visa in a timely manner (e.g. at least 6-8 weeks in advance) you may require an "Expeditor" who will cost approximately $200.

The general UK immigration policies stated above apply to students who are US citizens. Other rules and regulations may be applicable for non-US citizens or students with dual citizenship (e.g. less restrictive rules may apply for students with dual citizenship with European Union countries). It is important that you check the immigration rules for your particular nationality if you are a non-US citizen, and address any queries to Karen Haygreen.


Travel and Health Insurance

Studying in London should be a rewarding, memorable and safe experience. As is always the case (at home or abroad), students are encouraged to maintain adequate travel/health insurance coverage. In the event that a student should require emergency medical care in the UK, it is prudent to have valid medical insurance (some emergency care may be provided without cost under the UK healthcare regime, but this is not guaranteed). For the even more remote possibility that more extensive health care is necessary, including medical evacuation back home, students are encouraged to verify that their current health coverage is effective while traveling overseas and/or to obtain adequate or additional travel/health insurance coverage.

Students are responsible for their own travel/health insurance needs while participating in Pepperdine's London Program (and related group and independent travel). Students who do not have adequate travel/health insurance coverage are strongly encouraged to obtain adequate insurance coverage. Students who already have existing insurance coverage are also strongly encouraged to obtain specialty travel/health insurance for their studies abroad. There are many student-oriented travel/health insurance companies who can supply basic or supplemental travel/health insurance coverage. While not endorsing any particular commercial insurance product or company, many students obtain such insurance, at a relatively low cost, through Travel Guard (affiliated with AIG Insurance Company).