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Why Choose the DC Externship Semester?

  • Students gain a practical understanding of how our country creates, interprets, upholds, and enforces federal law.
  • Students seeking post-graduate employment in Washington, DC, build their resumes with relevant experience, enabling them to effectively compete with students from DC-area law schools.
  • Students who have devoted a semester of their legal education to participating in the DC Externship Semester demonstrate a commitment to Washington, DC – providing assurance to future employers in the DC area that they will relocate there upon graduation and that they are committed to jobs in the public service.
  • Students who are unsure about relocating to Washington, DC, after graduation can "try out" the DC area within the structure of the Externship Experience.
  • Washington, DC, sets much of the nation's legal and political agenda. Future employers across the country value work experience in DC, particularly full-time externship experience, because students with this experience have a unique perspective on the areas of law in which they worked.
  • The semester in DC creates numerous opportunities for students to network and foster professional relationships, and provides advice on how to artfully use those connections to create potential post-grad job opportunities.