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panel participants at the 2018 law review symposium

2019 Law Review Symposium

Today's regulatory landscape presents challenges for public and private entities. Private actors are often faced with conflicting, ambiguous, or altogether absent regulatory frameworks. Is it possible for them to overcome these challenges while delivering the creativity and innovation the marketplace demands? How can government regulators and legislators avoid stifling opportunity, function more efficiently, and enact and enforce sensible and effective regulatory schemes?

Pepperdine Law Review's 2019 Symposium, in partnership with the Regulatory Transparency Project, will explore these vital questions from both the academic and practical perspectives.


Fourth Annual Southern California Trial Lawyers Conference

Southern California Trial Lawyers Conference

January 26, 2019 | Malibu, CA

Join us for the Fourth Annual Southern California Trial Lawyers Conference, which seeks to both highlight the many ways that trial lawyers advocate for justice in their local communities and to showcase Pepperdine School of Law's contributions to the field. Details and registration coming soon.