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Is an Online Master of Legal Studies Degree for Me?

Speaking to the recent cohort of Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) graduates, Dean Jim Gash expressed, "What we do at Pepperdine is we do community. You were a part of this community from the moment you decided to say yes."

Kinga Nagorny was among the fourteen students who said yes to blazing a trail in online education at Pepperdine Law. Kinga is a special education teacher with the Vista Unified School District. She chose to pursue a MLS degree in order to move into an administrative position that deals with compliance laws and federal and state guidelines as they related to Special Education.

The Online MLS program is designed precisely with working professionals like Kinga in mind, allowing them the legal expertise, credentials, and professional credibility to advance within a specific field. Following the January graduation luncheon, we caught up with her about the overall experience.

What drew you to pursue a Master of Legal Studies from Pepperdine Law?

To be honest, the intake process was so personable at Pepperdine that I chose this school over other online legal studies programs. I also researched Pepperdine and read great reviews about the law school and great things about the professors.

How will the Master of Legal Studies help you advance in your field?

The Master of Legal Studies program will help me advance in my field as I now have a greater understanding of administrative agencies, Education Law, and compliance. Any administrative position in education deals with compliance in both the general education and special education fields.

How has the online component of the program impacted your personal and professional life?

In terms of professional life – Through the Master of Legal Studies program, I have learned about Administrative Agencies and furthered my understanding of Education Law. The Admin class helped me understand Ed Law, and Ed Law helped me understand administrative agencies. Therefore, I have a greater understanding of how admin. agencies function and how to work within those agency regulations.

In terms of personal life – Property Law was super helpful as I own property. Constitutional Law was an amazing class, and I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for RBG. I did not realize she was involved in such seminal cases as a litigator and of course as a Supreme Court Justice! Health Law helped me understand the intricacies of health law. Torts are necessary for everyday life. Criminal Law is super important because you never know when you might be, well...stopped by police. Needless to say, this program has empowered me.

What skills have you gained that will be directly applicable in your profession?

IRAC is directly applicable to my profession, this helps me stick to the facts. Research skills, knowing which agencies to access, where to gather information.

Can you describe your experience with Pepperdine Law in a single word?

I feel empowered.


For more information about online legal education at Pepperdine Law, please visit our Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS) page or learn more about our online law degree offereings.