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Straus on the Road

The Straus Institute regularly travels for various events and conferences. Meet with a Straus Institute representative at an event in your area to discuss your interest in our academic or training programs. A representative is scheduled to attend the following events:

Upcoming Events

2017 Events  
November Tess Europe
November Singh Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Late November Singh India
Early December Peter Korea and Japan
December 8 Tom Atlanta
December 6 Tom Toronto
TBA TBA Brazil

Recent Events

Sept 7CELI Panama - EducationUSAPanama City, Panama
March 7 - 10 VIS Competition - East Hong Kong, PRC
March 18 - 24 VIS Competition - Vienna Vienna, Austria
March 27 Jessup Competition Washington, DC
April 7 - 9 ABA DR Conference New York, New York
April 15 Fulbright Korea Seoul, South Korea
April 17 American Corner Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
April 18 Beijing American Center Beijing, China
April 20 Meetings and EducationUSA Law Conference Manila, Philippines
April 21 Thailand Institute of Justice Bangkok, Thailand
April 22 Chulalongkorn University Fair Bangkok, Thailand
April 23 @America Center Jakarta, Indonesia
May DAJV - German American Lawyers Association Cologne, Germany
Sept 15 University Presentations Shanghai, China
Sept 17 EducationUSA Presentation Bangkok, Thailand
Sept 17 - 18 University Presentations Manila, Philippines
Sept 22 EducationUSA Presentation Beijing, China
Sept 23 - 25 Presentations Seoul, South Korea
Oct 14 Comexus Presentation Mexico City, Mexico
Oct 16 EducationUSA Presentation San Salvador, El Salvador
Oct 19 Presentations Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tabago
Oct 20 Idealist Fair Los Angeles, California
Oct 22 Idealist Fair San Francisco, California
Oct 28 United States India Education Foundation (USIEF) Kolkata, India
Oct 29 LEASE Law Conference Mumbai, India
Oct 31 LEASE Law Conference New Delhi, India
Nov 2 LEASE Law Conference Bangalore, India
Nov 12 Denmark-America Foundation & Fulbright Commission Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 13 Presentations Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 16 Open House at London Campus London, England
Nov 17 Presentations Mannheim, Germany
Nov 18 Presentations Heidelberg, Germany
Nov 19 Presentations Tubingen, Germany
Nov 20 Presentations Freiburg, Germany
Nov 22 Presentations Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Nov 23 Presentations Brussels and Hesselt, Belgium