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Meet Your Student Ambassadors

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The Heart of our Community

Pepperdine Law's student ambassadors represent the heart of our school in different yet profound ways. Student ambassadors are recommended by faculty, staff, and administrators and serve as professional student leaders who welcome prospective students to campus and lead law school tours. They are leaders in the law community, involved, enthusiastic, and having been through this process themselves, are in a unique position to provide insight from their firsthand experience. Pepperdine Law student ambassadors are a diverse group of academic achievers and represent a broad spectrum of interest areas in legal practice.

Our student ambassadors give out their personal emails to students who visit campus and attend a tour with them. For questions about the application and admissions process, please contact the admissions office at lawadmis@pepperdine.edu after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.

 Alex Boutelle, 2L

Alexandra smiling for the camera

Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Undergraduate University & Major: University of Northwestern, St. Paul - Education Studies

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Honor Board, Advocates for Public Interest Law, Christian Legal Society, LexisNexis
Representative, Student Mentor, Law Review

Legal Works: Summer intern for the Navy JAG Corps in New Orleans, Louisiana 

Plans after Pepperdine Law: Product liability defense litigation at a firm in Los Angeles

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: The caring community!

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: You will make the best friends of your life here and they will get you through the many stresses and joys of law school.

Jemuel Gascon, 2L

jemuel head shot

Hometown: Fresno, California

Undergraduate University & Major: California State University Fresno- Chemistry

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Student Bar Association (SBA) Treasurer, Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Student Mentor

Legal Works: United States Attorney's Office, Eastern District of California Law Clerk, Criminal Division San Joaquin College of Law: New American Legal Clinic Summer Internship, Nonprofit Immigration Law Clinic

Plans after Pepperdine Law: Passing the bar and working at a firm or in-house counsel

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: The people

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: No matter what happens, everything will be alright.

Emily Holland, 3L

Emily holland head shot smiling

Hometown: Fairmont, Minnesota

Undergraduate University & Major: University of Northwestern, Saint Paul - English Literature and Writing

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Christian Legal Society, Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Advocates for Public Interest Law, London Program

Legal Works: Sudreau Global Justice Program in Rwanda and St. Louis County Attorney's Office-Public Health and Human Services

Plans after Pepperdine Law: Public Interest Work in Minnesota.

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: The people I've met, both faculty and students.

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: Learn good study habits early and trust your instincts on what works best for you.

Troy Kramer, 2L

Head shot of Tory Kramer

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Undergraduate University and Major: Pepperdine University - Economics 

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Christian Legal Society, Journal of Business Entrepreneurship and the Law (JBEL)

Plans after graduation: I want to practice civil litigation and real estate law and hope to own my own law firm one day

Favorite thing about Pepperdine Law: The community. Pepperdine is an incredible group of students, professors, and faculty members who really make it feel like home. I know I can rely on my friends and mentors when I need something and always feel secure being in this tight-knit community.

Advice for future law students: Law school isn't as scary as everyone says it is. As long as you do the work and hold yourself accountable, you're going to be just fine!

Chase Lambert, 2L

Chase Lambert headshot

Hometown: Mahaska, Kansas

Undergraduate University & Major: Kansas State University - Finance and Entrepreneurship Dual major; Economics minor

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Federalist Society Executive Board, International Law Society, Student Ambassador, Palmer Fellow

Legal Works: Disaster Recovery Clinic and In-House General Counsel legal intern at Reserve

Plans after Pepperdine Law: Corporate In-House Counsel

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: The location and community.

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: Come in with an open mind, do your readings during 1L, and find something to do for at least an hour other than law school on a daily basis.

Joel Lopata, 2L

Joel lopata smiles wearing glasses for head shot

Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois

Undergraduate University & Major: Pepperdine University- Rhetoric and Leadership

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Moot Court, Law Review

Plans after Pepperdine Law: After Pepperdine Law, I plan on working at a law firm for at least a couple of years.

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: Some of my favorite things about Pepperdine Law are the amazing people and the familial environment.

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: Read Deconstructing Legal Analysis by Peter Wendel and work on typing

Daniel Schmidt, 3L

Dan Schmidt smiling for his head shot

Hometown: Derwood, Maryland

Undergraduate University and Major: Furman University - History

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Vice President, Veterans Legal Society

Legal Work: Externed in the Western District of Texas and worked for the Travis County, Texas prosecutor's office.

Plans after graduation: I plan on moving to Texas and getting a job in the field of labor and employment law.

Favorite thing about Pepperdine Law: The faculty, staff and your fellow students are all truly invested in your success. Professors are available out of class to help you understand the topics covered in class or for other reasons, such as recommendations, advice, or general conversation. The Pepperdine community is truly engaged in the lives of its students and wants the best for all law students.

Advice for future law students: READ ahead of class -- come as prepared as possible to each and every class and be ready, willing and eager to answer any question your professor might ask.

Kelly Shea, 2L

Kelly Shea smiling head shot image

Hometown: Encino, California

Undergraduate University & Major: Thomas Edison State University - Sociology

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Christian Legal Society, Federalist Society, Law Review, Moot Court Board, Student Mentor

Legal Works: Externed for a Magistrate Judge; Clerking for Los Angeles District Attorney's Office; Research Assistant for a professor; volunteer as a student Legal Volunteer with Christian Legal Aid Los Angeles.

Plans after Pepperdine Law: To work in the field of wrongful convictions.

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: The people!

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: Connect, breathe, and if you choose, Pepperdine will always be your home!

Stolle Voigt, 2L

Stolle Voigt head shot

Hometown: Van Alstyne, Texas

Undergraduate University & Major: Baylor University - Sports Marketing & Finance

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Christian Legal Society, Trail Team, Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Sports and Entertainment Law Society

Legal Works: Extern at LA Superior Court in San Fernando Valley, Intern at Cooper & Scully PC

Plans after Pepperdine Law: Move back to Dallas, Texas and work for the DA.

Favorite Thing about Pepperdine: The community; I really feel loved and supported by all of my peers and my professors, especially on the trial team. Nothing beats having the whole school root for your success.

Advice for future Pepperdine Law Students: Go to law school and be open about the possibilities it holds for you. I had no idea I wanted to be a trial lawyer until I let myself be open to the possibility of doing a closing argument competition. Let these 3 years help shape who you are supposed to be and let the community here support you in doing that.