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Meet Your Student Ambassadors

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The Heart of our Community

Pepperdine Law's student ambassadors represent the heart of our school in different yet profound ways. Student ambassadors are recommended by the Student Life Office and serve as professional student leaders who welcome prospective students to campus and lead law school tours. They are leaders in the law community, involved, enthusiastic, and having been through this process themselves, are in a unique position to provide insight from their firsthand experience. Pepperdine Law student ambassadors are a diverse group of academic achievers and represent a broad spectrum of interest areas in legal practice.

Our student ambassadors give out their personal emails to students who visit campus and attend a tour with them. For questions about the application and admissions process, please contact the admissions office at lawadmis@pepperdine.edu after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.

Hannah Grabinski, 2L

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Hometown: Grinnell, Iowa

Undergraduate University and Major: Wheaton College (IL); Major in Business/Economics and Minor in International Relations

Pepperdine Law Extra Curricular Activities: Christian Legal Society, Advocates for Public Interest Law

Legal Work: I worked as a Legal Assistant for Peddicord Wharton, LLP in West Des Moines over my breaks throughout undergrad.

Plans after graduation: I would ideally start my career in Criminal/Public Interest Law and eventually make my way into working for a non-profit that deals with international development.

Favorite thing about Pepperdine Law: The people. The law school environment here is unlike any other school. I know if I ever needed anything from fellow classmates or professors they would have my back, and it creates a very special, tight-knit community.

Advice for future law students: Never be afraid to ask for help. No one understands how to play the game of law school without assistance from others. When work and stress are overwhelming, always remember what motivated you to come here!

Hanna Jokovsky, 3L

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Hometown: Davis, CA

Undergraduate University and Major: University of Southern California, Double Major in History & International Relations; Minor in Korean Studies

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Law Review, Staff Member; Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA); IP Student Association (IPSA)

Legal Work: Judicial Extern at the US District Court for the Central District of California (Summer 2018)

Plans after graduation: I will be a summer associate at Morrison & Foerster in LA next summer. I hope to work at MoFo as an IP litigation associate after graduation.

Favorite thing about Pepperdine Law: The faculty, hands down. All of them are committed to helping students succeed. They actively engage students during lectures, encourage students to attend office hours, and host dinners at their homes. It has been easy and natural forging mentorships with the faculty, and they are some of my largest inspirations.

Advice for future law students: Law school teaches students a whole new way of thinking. No matter what you studied in college or how much you've been exposed to the legal profession, all students are on the same playing field when they begin 1L. So don't be nervous coming into law school—everyone is in the same boat!

Troy Kramer, 2L

Head shot of Tory Kramer

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Undergraduate University and Major: Pepperdine University, Economics Major

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Christian Legal Society

Legal Work (what have you done in your summers?): Because I am a 1L, I do not currently have legal experience, but I am interested in multiple areas of law, including real estate, property, contracts, and litigation and hope to secure an internship in one of these fields for this upcoming summer.

Plans after graduation: I would love to work in San Diego or back home in Arizona and my goal is to establish my own law firm one day.

Favorite thing about Pepperdine Law: The community. Pepperdine offers a one of a kind experience that enriches its students through the relationships we form with our professors, faculty and staff, and classmates. The professors have open doors to their offices and invest in us, both professionally and personally. Pepperdine's Christian mission enables us to pursue our passion for law while cultivating our faith in God.

Advice for future law students: Take a wholistic approach to picking the right law school for you. Don't focus solely on rank or prestige. Law school will be your home for three years and you want the school that you see yourself not only learning from, but also forming relationships with others at that will last a lifetime.

Daniel Schmidt, 3L

dan schmidt head shot

Hometown: Derwood, Maryland

Undergraduate University and Major: BA, History, Furman University (Greenville, SC), 2004

Pepperdine Law Extracurricular Activities: Vice President, Veterans Legal Society

Legal Work: Externed in the Western District of Texas and worked for the Travis County, Texas prosecutor's office.

Plans after graduation: I plan on moving to Texas and getting a job in the field of labor and employment law.

Favorite thing about Pepperdine Law: The faculty, staff and your fellow students are all truly invested in your success. Professors are available out of class to help you understand the topics covered in class or for other reasons, such as recommendations, advice, or general conversation. The Pepperdine community is truly engaged in the lives of its students and wants the best for all law students.

Advice for future law students: READ ahead of class -- come as prepared as possible to each and every class and be ready, willing and eager to answer any question your professor might ask.