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Shelley Saxer Publishes Social-Ecological Resilience and Sustainability

Professor Shelley Ross Saxer's book, "Social-Ecological Resilience and Sustainability," has been published by Wolters Kluwer. Co-authored with Jonathan Rosenbloom, the book illustrates how resilience theories and sustainability principles can be used in various contexts, such as water systems and climate change. The book examines decisions that led to unsustainable and non-resilient systems and societies, and offers strategies designed to address present sustainability and resilience challenges. Professor Saxer writes extensively about land use and planning, and recently co-authored the casebook "Land Use: Cases and Materials," published by West Academic.

Preface excerpt from "Social-Ecological Resilience and Sustainability":

Resilience and sustainability (R&S) provide analytical frameworks to help understand and, ultimately, address new, changing, and complex economic, environmental, and social challenges. These challenges threaten critical social-ecological systems, the health and safety of communities, and fundamental necessities, such as water, food, and shelter. R&S offer two different, overlapping, and, at times, conflicting paradigms to help understand and address these challenges. R&S do so in new and innovative ways that help explain complex systems and in turn help rethink traditional notions of law and policy.

"Social-Ecological Resilience and Sustainability" may be found here