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Law Faculty Present at SEALS Annual Conference

A number of Pepperdine Law faculty are presenting at the 2015 Southeastern Association of Law Schools Annual Conference, taking place July 27-August 2. A major component of the annual event is providing opportunities for faculty to present current research and receive feedback from mentors and other participants. Among the Pepperdine participants are the following:


  • Babette Boliek, The NCAA and the Future of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Barry McDonald, Free Speech: The Philosophical Underpinnings
  • Maureen Weston, The NCAA and the Future of Intercollegiate Athletics


  • Maureen Weston, ADR in Faculty Governance and Change: What Works — If Anything — and What Doesn’t?


  • David Han, Resetting the Default Rule in First Amendment Doctrine


  • Barry McDonald is mentoring Emily Suski (Georgia State), who is presenting A First Amendment Theory for More Effectively Addressing Bullying


  • Richard Peterson, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act at 40


  • Victoria Schwartz, A Reasonable Woman's Expectation of Privacy


From the SEALS website:

The Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS), a regional association of law schools, hosts an annual meeting that is held in late July or early August. A highlight of the meeting is the New Scholars Workshop which offers newer faculty the opportunity to present a work in progress, and to receive feedback from assigned mentors and audience participants.

The meeting also offers legal educators panels and discussion groups that focus on pedogogy; thus offering law professors an opportunity to enhance their classroom teaching.

Finally, it provides numerous panels and discussion groups of a host of cutting-edge topics that will prove important for both scholarly works and teaching covering the breadth of legal issues.  Because the meeting attracts scholars from all over the U.S., indeed from around the world, the discussions can be lively and intense.


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