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Law Alumni Featured in Pepperdine 40 Over 40

This year, six alumni from the School of Law have been selected as part of Pepperdine’s esteemed 40 over 40 alumni

Long after they have left the hallowed halls of their alma mater, Pepperdine graduates continue to pioneer groundbreaking advancements in their careers, promote goodwill and fellowship within their communities, and inspire the ever-growing global community of alumni to follow these same traditions while creating new ones of their own. Selected from hundreds of nominations these 40 alumni over the age of 40 are distinctly and successfully demonstrating the University’s mission of purpose, service, and leadership through their personal passions and professional accomplishments.

This year, six alumni from the School of Law have been selected as part of Pepperdine’s esteemed 40 over 40 alumni:

Marisa Ala (JD ’98) – Owner, The Ala Firm

“Pepperdine was a significant influence on me from the very first week in September 1991 through the conclusion of my seven-year college and law school career in 1998. Pepperdine’s strong emphasis on volunteer work, community, leadership and giving to others inspired both my personal life as a Christian and through my adoption of my daughter from foster care, to a desire to display the utmost professionalism throughout my career.”

Tamalani Barnett (JD ’02) – Founder/Executive Director, RaisingHOPE, Inc.

“Pepperdine set a standard for the person I wanted to be and then the University, staff, professors, and students helped me move toward being that person. Pepperdine inspired me to serve others and show the love of Christ to others in whichever career path I take. However, Pepperdine also encouraged me to lead and not shy away from being the first person to take a step in the right direction.”

Kim Carlton Bonner (JD ’90) – Circuit Court Judge

“I have always tried to uphold the values of integrity and professionalism that Pepperdine instilled in me as a law student. I am so grateful to the faculty and staff for their support and outreach, especially as a struggling first year student who needed some guidance and very nearly quit.”

Andy Dunbar (JD ’99) – General Cousel/Chief Compliance Officer, Bel Air Investment Advisers LLC

“In addition to a tremendous education, Pepperdine Law provided networking opportunities (with such great organizations as Bar Review), and instilled the notion and importance of giving back.”

Kimberly (Herman) Hassett (JD ’94) – Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

“Pepperdine School of Law not only provided me with an excellent education, it instilled in me the ideals that I think are important: to serve my community and treat others as I would want to be treated.”

Dwayne K. Moring (JD ’91) – Judge, San Diego Superior Court

“I’ve strived to lead a life of purpose, service and leadership consistent with Pepperdine’s Christian mission. The careers I chose had a strong service component emphasizing helping others and improving society.”

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