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Founder of Parris Institute Swears Son into CA State Bar

Parris Institute Founder, Mayor R. Rex Parris, Swears in Rutger Parris (JD '16) to California State Bar

Lancaster, CA -- Founder of Pepperdine Law's Parris Institute for Professional Formation and Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris conducted the swearing in of his son, Rutger Parris (JD '16), into the California State Bar on December 12, 2017.

In 2014, Mayor Parris and his wife Carrol gifted $1 million dollars of their private funds to the Pepperdine Law toward the establishment of the Parris Institute for Professional Formation. The mission of the Parris Institute is to prepare students for a rapidly changing legal environment and challenge them to emerge as leaders in the professional world. Dedicated to engaging first-year law students, the Parris Institute provides continual mentoring throughout the students' law school careers, incorporating a focus on health, personal goals, and ethics. Through the annual Parris Awards, students are incentivized to perform at the highest level, grow as students, and graduate "practice-ready." Celebrated each Spring, the Parris Awards honor those who exhibit the highest order of the pillars of professionalism.

From Lancaster News:

Mayor Parris expressed his extreme pride and honor in being able to affirm Rutger’s Attorney Oath publicly – before the community in which they were both raised, currently reside, and continue to serve, both professionally and philanthropically.

“My heart is filled with tremendous joy, as I swear in and welcome my son, Rutger, into the distinguished role of being an officer of the court,” said Mayor Parris. “I am so proud of his hard work and all he has accomplished to reach this point in his life. Our family is excited and eager to watch this young man develop his career and demonstrate the care and commitment necessary to becoming a reputable attorney and contribution to his community.”

Mayor Parris, who is one of Southern California’s most successful attorneys, as well as founder of the Lancaster-based PARRIS Law Firm, has the authority to swear in any new attorney to the California Bar per the State Bar of California Government Code 40603. As such, upon learning of Rutger’s exam results, he immediately chose to administer the oath requirement to his son in the public forum of the Lancaster City Council Meeting.

“This is not at all about me as a lawyer or a mayor,” Mayor Parris explained. “This is about me being a proud papa… and wanting to share this esteemed father/son moment with my community. What I want for Rutger is the same as what I would want for any child – to be successful in life, and to bring great joy and honor to their family and their community.”