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STAFF MEMBERS (2012-2013)

Journal operations, including article selection, editing, publishing, and hosting symposia, are performed by students selected for staff membership on the basis of scholarship and the ability to do legal research and writing. Staff membership on the Journal is recognized as both an honor and a unique educational experience. The Journal's current staff members include:


- Matthew Diffenderfer 


Managing Editor

- David Meals 


Business Editor

- Megan Sieffert


Marketing Editor

- Adam Klapova


Lead Articles Editor

- Annette Galstian


Literary Citation Editors

- Cara Magatelli

- Corrina Schlaile


Associate Editors

- An Dang

- Di Li


Note and Comment Editors

- Rachael Nelson

- Vaishali Khatri


SYmposium Editors

- Annette Galstian

- Adam Klapova


JUnior Editors

- Melissa Barcena

- William Bergeron

- Ethan Bodell

- Peri-Elle Cabagnot

- Jessica Covington

- Adriel Darvish 

- Adam Howland

- Stephen Johnson

- Kyle Kellar

- Kelsey O'Leary

- Jonathan Schaub

- Jesse Scott

- Antho ny Shields

- Michael Simon

- Adina Sivaraman

- Andrew Skinner

- Jasmine Tavari

- Sarah Thornsberry

- Mark Tomlinson

- Jessica Tyndall

- Lilit Vardanian

- Brian Washburn

- Elizabeth Zabel

- Michael Zamudio