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Honoring Our Donors

With a proud tradition of academic excellence and steadfast commitment to Christian values, the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law gratefully acknowledges its faithful benefactors who enable the work of our law faculty, staff, and administration, preparing students for fulfilling legal careers and lives of purpose. Since its beginning, the Caruso School of Law has been blessed by a devoted cadre of supporters. From its first patrons - the enterprising trio of Vincent Dalsimer, Ed Di Loreto, and Harry Shafer - through today, the school's remarkable success has been fueled by friends and alumni who wholeheartedly embrace Pepperdine's distinctive mission.

George Pepperdine Society members listed here represent an extraordinary group of leaders and friends who have made generous lifetime commitments to the progress and programs of the law school. Pepperdine Caruso Law Associates are dedicated individuals who give annually to enrich the school's classroom resources and co-curricular opportunities.

The Caruso School of Law is thankful for this distinguished community of supporters who together are creating a meaningful history and ensuring a bright future for legal education at Pepperdine.

Herbert and Elinor Nootbaar with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

Platinum Wave Society

Lifetime gifts of $25 million or more

Elinor and Herbert Nootbaar

Platinum Wave Society

Lifetime gifts of $25 million or more

Elinor and Herbert Nootbaar

Golden Wave Society

Lifetime gifts of $10 million or more

Tina and Rick (JD '83) Caruso

Odell S. McConnell

George C. Page


Sterling Wave Society

Lifetime gifts of $5 million or more

Jerene C. Appleby Harnish

Anne and Geoffrey (JD '75) Palmer

Kelly and Duane Roberts

Lottabelle and Eduard Salathé

Dorothy and Leonard Straus

Silver Wave Society

Lifetime gifts of $2.5 million or more

Margaret Martin Brock

Gloria and Henry Caruso

The Fletcher Jones Foundation

Kalli O'Malley and Terry Giles (JD '74)

Diane and Guilford Glazer

Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation

The James Irvine Foundation

Laure Sudreaue-Rippe (JD '97)


Crystal Wave Society

Lifetime gifts of $1 million or more

Patricia and K. Duane Denney

Jill and Ed Di Loreto

Michelle (JD '89) and Mark (JD '88) Hiepler

Samuel P. Krown

Carrol and R. Rex Parris

John F. Purfield

Marjorie Rainey

Henry Salvatori

John Stauffer Charitable Trust

Chancellor's Circle

Lifetime gifts of $500,000 or more

Cherie and Robin Arkley

Jeanette and Michael (JD '74) Bidart

Sheila and Thomas Bost

Joan and Gerald Garner

Natalya and Craig (JD '95) Garner

Lucille and Fred Hirsch

Martha Delman Krug

Marguerite Meagher

Gunnar W. E. Nicholson

Alice and Ken Starr

Glenna and Thomas Trimble

J. McDonald Williams



 Benefactors Circle

Lifetime gifts of $100,000 or more

The Annenberg Foundation

Nancy and Armand Arabian

Farid Assesmi

Yvette and Mimo Baroian

Katherine ('85, MBA '90) and David (JD '91) Barret

Cheryl Bemis

Lawrence P. Bemis

Camille and David (JD '81) Boatwright

Doleen Borba

Anne Marie and Mitchell Bredefeld

Kay and Kae Brockermeyer

Shirley Brooke (JD '76)

Athalie R. Clarke

Barbara and William Cramer

Mark T. Cramer (JD '98)

Kimberly and Steven (JD '86) DeLorenz

Kenneth M. Doran

Eric Dreizen
The Edwin W. Pauley Foundation

Monica and Charles (JD '90) Eskridge

Lucile and Duane Faw

Thomas A. Fessler (JD '83)

Daphne and Marvin Fineman

FINRA Investor Education Foundation

William P. Foley II

Guy P. Greenwalrd

Rosalie and Warren Gummow

Vladimir Gusinski

Ronald R. Helm (JD '76)

John K. Herklotz

Barbara A. Jones (JD '89)

JSR Foundation



Woodrow W. Judkins (JD '71)

Janet E. Kerr ('75, JD '78)

Carole and Ronald Krist

Julia Kwan

M. Lawrence Lallande, Sr. ('80, JD '83)

Becky and W. Mark Lanier

Marianna Latsis

Clara M. Lincoln (EdD '90)

The Lon V. Smith Foundation

Tammy and Scott (JD '82) Mager

Marian and Pinkus Happ Fund

Beverly and Gary McDonald

Doris and Ferdinand Mendenhall

Melissa Tonn and William J. Minnick III (JD '85)

Maria and John Moriarity

Aileen Pauley

Mildred Phillips

Lewana and John Pirozzi

Price Family Foundation

Wendy and Scott (JD '78) Racine

Bette and Warren Rainer

Beatrice L. Restifo

Saveri & Saveri, Inc.

Ruth and Harry Shafer

Faye and Alex Spanos

Arthur J. Stegall, Jr.

Eva and Marc Stern

Patricia and Gerald Turpanjian

Antoinette Salathé Wiking

The Winnick Family Foundation

Norma Zimdahl

 Endowed Associates

Onetime gift of $50,000 to an unrestricted fund

Thomas G. Bost

Athalie R. Clarke

Robert Vincent Lyle III (JD '04)

Odell S. McConnell

Mrs. Garnet Rainey

Eduard Salathé

Thaddeus Libby Up de Graff, Jr.

 Life Associates

Onetime gift of $25,000 to an unrestricted fund

Ahmad Al-Saud (JD '88)

Mimo Baroian

Robert L. Beck

W. Harold Bigham

Harry M. Caldwell (JD '76)

Henry L. Caruso

Rick J. Caruso (JD '83)

Carol A. Chase

Rose C. Collins

Earle Crandall

Richard L. Cupp, Jr. ('83)

Deon Dunaway

R. Wayne Estes

William D. Evans (JD '78)

Marvin H. Fineman

Suzanne B. Freyer (JD '02)

Craig Boyd Garner (JD '95)

Joan Garner

Cynthia Faye Greer (EdD '88, MDR '98)

Gary A. Hanson (JD '80)

Yuichi Hataya

Ronald R. Helm (JD '76)

David E. Kenney (JD '82)

Janet E. Kerr ('75, JD '78)

Dean A. Kewish (JD '81)

Wayne S. Kreger (JD '91)

L. Randolph Lowry ('74, MA '77)

Richardson R. Lynn

Hal J. Manning (JD '92)

Daniel W. Martin

James D. McGinley (JD '91)

James M. McGoldrick, Jr. ('66)

Angela E. Michael

William H. Millard

Terry Mullin

MIchael C. Palmer

Robert L. Pfann

Ronald F. Phillips

Shelley R. Saxer ('80)

Mark S. Scarberry

Bruce S. Simon (JD '76)

Kathi J. Stafford

Kenneth W. Starr

Dorothy B. Straus

Thomas J. Trimble

John K. Trotter, Jr.

Aaron C. Watts (JD '06, MDR '06)

Larry L. Westfall

 President's Medallion Associates

Annual gift of $50,000

Mark O. Hiepler (JD '88)

R. Rex Parris

Dorothy B. Straus

 Dean's Medallion Associates

Annual gift of $25,000

Mark T. Cramer (JD '98)

Steven J. DeLorenz (JD '86)

Michelle R. Hiepler (JD '89)

Janet E. Kerr ('75, JD '78)

James V. Lacy (JD '78)

M. Lawrence Lallande, Sr. ('80, JD '83)

Scott A. Mager (JD '82)

Michele L. Maryott (JD '97)

William J. Minnick III (JD '85)

Michael C. Palmer

Ronald F. Phillips

Richard L. Stack

Kenneth W. Starr

 Platinum Medallion Associates

Annual gift of $10,000

Thomas G. Bost

Jeffrey G. Davis (JD '94)

Max Factor III

Tony Rubin (JD '77)

 Gold Medallion Associates

Annual gift of $5,000

Bogdan U. Andriychenko (MBA '04)

James G. Bohm (JD '87)

Devon O. Caracciolo (JD '14)

Paul L. Caron

J. Michael Crowe

Allan DeVore

Jennifer M. Dorsey (JD '97)

Thomas A. Fessler (JD '83)

Terry M. Giles (JD '74)

Colleen Graffy ('79)

Douglas W. Kmiec

Beverly Reid O'Connell (JD '90)

Donald R. Philbin Jr. (JD '87, LLM '97)

Eva S. Stern

Marc I. Stern

Deanell Reece Tacha

Kate S. Zacharia ('07, JD '11)


 Silver Medallion Associates

Annual gift of $2,500

Terry Adamson

Robert Anderson

Jeffrey R. Baker

Mimo Baroian

Tricia A. Bigelow (JD '86)

Andre Birotte, Jr. (JD '91)

Selina K. Brandt (JD '92)

Steven E. Brooks

Stephanie C. Buckley

Stephen G. Butler

Harry M. Caldwell (JD '76)

Allen F. Camp (JD '82)

Michelle K. Camp (JD '09)

Grace V. Chang (JD '97)

Otto P. Cipolla, Jr. (JD '83)

Robert F. Cochran, Jr.

Clay L. Drury (MBA '01, JD '02)

Eric M. English (JD '05)

Glenn D. Forucci (JD '83)

Michael L. Fox (JD '94)

Jim A. Gash (JD '93)

Christine Chambers Goodman

Daniel Greenbaum (JD '09)

Danielle L. Hickman (JD '97)

Thomas C. Inkel (JD '01, MDR '01)

Susanne B. Johnson (JD '89)

Rosemary F. Jones (JD '99)

Harold L. Karpman

Kristine S. Knaplund

Charlene C. Koonce (JD '91)

Kenneth T. Koonce (JD '89)

Jeffrey L. Krivis

Renee Kumetz

Edward J. Larson

Capri W. Maddox (JD '01)

Jennifer G. McGoldrick ('67)

Anthony Miller (JD '77)

Grant S. Nelson

David J. Newacheck (JD '79)

Gregory L. Ogden

Richard M. Peterson (MDR '01, LLM '06)

Phil E. Phillips ('88, JD '92)

Michael B. Quigley (JD '83)

Scott H. Racine (JD '78)

Peter R. Robinson

Jennifer Groninger Rough (JD '99)

Ronald Rus (JD '75)

Jennifer Snitko ('98, JD '02)

Paul Snitko

Al Sturgeon (JD '11)

S. Brett Sutton ('86, JD '89)

Joseph W. Szokol (JD '86)

John E. Tiedt (JD '87)

Jonathan S. Vick ('82, JD '86)

Kelvin W. Williams (JD '92)

Alexander H. Winnick (JD '05)


Annual gift of $1,000

John S. Adams (JD '88)

Nannina L. Angioni ('02, JD '05)

James S. Azadian (JD '01)

Kristen N. Basie (JD '06)

Robert L. Bean (JD '68)

Robert L. Beck

Brad R. Bohrer (JD '93)

Barry E. Borowitz (JD '93)

Jeffrey S. Boyd (JD '91)

Kevin C. Boyle (JD '84)

Jennifer L. Bradford (JD '99)

Erin N. Brady (JD '01)

Joseph M. Brodner (JD '91)

Kathy Brooks

Alan J. Brown (JD '95)

Lawrence J. Buckley (JD '76)

Sandra L. Bunn-Livingstone (JD '91)

Alton G. Burkhalter (JD '85)

Cynthia J. Callendar-Gordon (JD '88)

Cristopher V. Carlyle (JD '93)

Shannon M. Carlyle (JD '93)

Timothy P. carr (JD '03)

Robert E. Carter (JD '97)

Steven L. Chaparro

Phillip W. Cheves (JD '91)

Richard M. Coleman

Jeff Cook ('03, JD '06)

Miles R. Cooperman (JD '75)

Jesse A. Cripps, Jr. ('97, JD '02)

Tracy J. Dalton (JD '97)

Sarah L. de Diego (JD '05)

Diana M. Dron (JD '78)

Preston Easley (JD '82)

Trisha J. English (JD '05)

Brian D. Fahy (JD '09)

Jessie J. Fahy (JD '11)

Chad J. Fischer (JD '93)

Bridget C. Fitzpatrick-Gjerdrum (JD '05)

Paul G. Flynn

Stuart E. Frank (JD '92)

John B. Garacochea ('83, JD '88)

Riley J. Garrigan (MBA '99, JD '00)

Russell T. Ginise (JD '89)

Alan N. Goldberg (JD '83)

Debra Greenfield (JD '01)

Gunnar Gundersen (JD '07)

Eric W. Hagen ('92, JD '97)

Jerry A. Hager III (JD '82)

Richard J. Harris (JD '77)

Carl D. Hasting (JD '82)

Randolph K. Herndon, Jr. (JD '09)

Daniel M. Hodes (JD '81)

Billy W. Howard, Jr.

Marlynn Parada Howe ('80, JD '85, LLM '03)

Ryan D. Israel (JD '02)

Boyd F. Jensen II (JD '79)

Andrew L. Johnston

Eric A. Johnston (JD '05)

Barbara A. Jones (JD '89)

Victoria Elizabeth Jozef (JD '07, MDR '13)


Roland T. Kelly (JD '97)

James P. Kirkley (JD '03)

Kent D. Krabill (JD '05)

Joshua D. Krebs (JD '10)

Bryan K. Lang (JD '08)

Mary G. H. Lang (JD '08)

Douglas B. Large (JD '75)

Celeste E. Liversidge (JD '95)

Samuel G. Liversidge (JD '95)

Barbara S. Lodge (JD '86)

Julia MacDonald (JD '13)

Audrey L. Manness (JD '07)

Brian L. Maryott

John P. McCrory

Barry P. McDonald

James D. McGinley (JD '91)

Nancy L. McGinnis (JD '85)

David J. Merrill (JD '96)

Kim S. Millman (JD '07)

James J. Maloney (JD '94)

John L. Moriarity

George E. Morris, Jr. (JD '11)

Lynn Morrow (JD '85)

Anissa B. Morse (JD '01)

Daniel J. Morse (JD '01)

Garland D. Murphey IV (JD '05)

WIlliam A. Nebeker (JD '76)

Melissa S. Oakes (JD '10)

Patrick J. O'Hara (JD '07)

Geoff Palmer (JD '75)

L. Timothy Perrin

Shannon M. Phillips

Brian J. Philpott (JD '05)

R. Craig Price (JD '80)

Sheri L. Price (JD '80)

Pierre-Richard Prosper (JD '89)

Catherine D. Purcell (JD '85)

Thomas J. Purcell (JD '79)

Javan N. Rad (JD '00)

Sonia Messer Randazzo

Hillary S. Reed (JD '04)

Thomas Rice (JD '99)

Betty A. Richli (JD '77)

Lauren A. Rico (JD '09)

Jason E. Russell (JD '97)

Robert J. Ryan (JD '85)

Salvador Sanders (JD '73)

Jeremy M. Shatzer (JD '09)

Scot E. Sheldon (JD '79)

Jamin S. Soderstrom ('02, JD '08)

N. Denise Taylor (JD '81)

John W. Teets (JD '80)

Marjorie A. Terner (JD '94)

Gary A. Thornton (JD '82)

Gregory D. Totten (JD '82)

Thomas J. Trimble

Glenn E. Turner III (JD '80)

Matthew D. Vandermyde (JD '07)

J. Matt Williams (JD '10)

J. McDonald Williams