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Adjunct Professor David Marlett

David Marlett

Adjunct Professor
Caruso School of Law


David Marlett has a fascination for the human story within the law and the power of story to invoke a more meaningful, empathic legal practice. He has over 20 years of experience representing clients across a range of matters, with most centering on investment firms, general business and personal matters. Professor Marlett has counseled numerous boards of directors, corporations, partnerships, and individuals in the midst of change from growth pains to the challenges of termination. After obtaining his bachelors in three majors: accounting, finance, and economics, he earned his CPA license before attending The University of Texas School of Law where he was a founding member of the Texas Environmental Law Journal. Subsequently, he founded the National Crowdfunding Association, heralding in equity crowdfunding for its egalitarian merits. As such, he worked with the Obama Administration, the Clinton Global Initiative, and was a member of the SEC's Forum on Small Business Capital, the National Small Business Association's Economic Development Committee, and Harvard Business School's New Venture Corporation. Besides being an award-winning storyteller, Professor Marlett is a bestselling author of historical legal thrillers, bringing alive the people and events surrounding some of the most extraordinary yet generally forgotten trials. Last but not least, Professor Marlett has a passion for teaching, having taught a number of university and law school courses including Media Law, Client Relationships, and Community Property.